• Different ways to target by keyword, ad placement, age, location, language, days and times, frequency, etc.
  • Keep your costs under control at all times with a set maximum spend.
  • Learn about every click on your ad.
  • You'll get valuable information on how much your ads cost on average, based on which customers will buy something online or at least call you. 

Google Ads is Google's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. Google Ads allows businesses with minimal budgets to show their ads to people who are actively interested in their products or services.

Google Ads can be divided into three main subsets. Search Ads appear primarily in Google's search engine above non-paid search results. The advertiser decides how to display them, most often by using keywords.

Content network ads can appear on any website that provides Google with ad space. From the perspective of the website provider, this is then the AdSense system.

Video ads can be displayed mainly on YouTube, but also on other sites on the Internet. Video ads are most often paid per view or per view.

The setup of these ads is very simple and is used by most online stores.


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