GO balík

  • Integrator for sending orders to shippers' systems.
  • Bulk label printing for multiple shippers at once.
  • Automatic selection of the appropriate shipper.
  • Connection via API - activation is done according to the help.

What do you get with go-balik.cz?

  • Free connection, no flat fees
  • Ability to combine two types of services. Use of our volume prices with carriers or "just" connection to your contracted carrier
  • Directly in upgates administration: automatic shipping ordering, bulk label printing, shipment number entry, order status change, shipment tracking
  • Use by more than 10 carriers without a contractual obligation
  • Api interface ...

Upon agreement, we will set everything for you free of charge, but also in the administration of your e-shop.

We offer the following features:

1. Automatic shipping orders.

When you switch orders to the agreed status and press the "GO Sync Package" button, all shipments will be ordered in bulk.

2. Bulk print labels from order report.

From the order detail, or by checking multiple orders in the order summary and pressing GO Package Labels, a PDF is generated to print shipping labels.

3. Enter the shipment number from the carrier in the details of your order.

After ordering transport, our robot will take care of inserting the tracking number of the shipment to you into the e-shop.

4. Tracking of traffic conditions.

After switching to your go-balik.cz account, you can also create filters according to statuses.

5. Order status change.

After ordering shipping, we can change the status of your order. You can have an action linked to this state. In particular, sending an email to the customer with the shipment number and a link to track the movement of the shipment.

If you have any questions or are interested in sending an individual price list, please contact me at petr@go-balik.cz

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.