Faktura Online

  • Quick online invoicing.
  • Documents are immediately ready for download in Adobe PDF format.
  • All types of documents are available - advance and proforma invoice, tax document for VAT payers and non-payers and more
  • Connection via Baselinker.

BaseLinker provides tools for efficient issuing and handling of invoices and receipts. Generate documents with ease for multi-channel orders and forward them to FakturaOnline.cz. Issue invoices for single orders or in bulk for the entire list. The system may do this task for you - just set up an appropriate automatic actions so invoices and receipts can be generated automatically. If you sell across foreign countries markets, BaseLinker will help you issue invoices in different languages, with different numbering series and VAT rates.

Integrating FakturaOnline.cz offers:

  • forwarding invoices created in the BaseLinker to FakturaOnline.cz and generating appropriate invoices specific to the accounting system
  • export invoices to FakturaOnline.cz in the most convenient way for you: either automatically when you create a document or in bulk with manual export
  • downloading invoices from FakturaOnline.cz to send them to customers in automatic emails
  • forwarding invoices from FakturaOnline.cz to selected marketplace (e.g. Amazon)
  • fast printing of accounting documents thanks to direct printer integration

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