• Automation of the entire product translation process.
  • Significantly speed up and streamline your current and future expansions. 
  • Connection via xml feed or csv file

A comprehensive tool for managing translations of your products.

Speed ​​up the expansion of your e-shop with a smart product translation tool - TRANSLADO:

  • application for comprehensive product translation management of your e-shop
  • allows you to immediately translate the entire portfolio through machine translation from the product feed to you on the e-shop
  • Automatically translates new products
  • Your translators can work 100% in the app
  • Option to request an external translation or agency
  • builds your own translation database , which is yours and stays with you, so you don't pay for another translation or it's cheaper to repeat the same texts
  • Automate the entire process

How do I activate?

Send us your xml feed or csv to We will connect your feed to the Translator for automatic translation. At the same time, we analyze the texts for your products and give you an offer for translation via translators.

Service price

  • TRANSLADO APP - free
  • “AUTO” překlad  - 0,05 Kč / word within a unique text (machine translation + our translation database)
    • the translation is stored in your database from which you draw for other products
    • you only pay for the translation of new unique sentences
    • the further you translate, the less you pay

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.