• Modern accounting software in the cloud.
  • Complete bookkeeping. Your business is under your control online and in one program.
  • Synchronization of stock for e-shops and brick-and-mortar stores with the possibility of booking goods. 
  • Automatic invoicing of orders, connection to payment gateways, VAT, OSS.

Would you like to manage all your accounting fully online? Then manage your e-commerce conveniently in Eurofactur! Eurofaktura brings you online accounting from A to Z and the ability to control your business from anywhere, anytime. When connected to your e-shop you get the perfect system! 

This add-on will speed up the often lengthy order processing process between your e-shop and your accounting system. And you will no longer have to manually transcribe data or export it to another system. 

You always have up-to-date information about the status of stock products and customer orders. You won't have to deal with discrepancies between the accounting and e-shop data!

We support both OSS and IOSS. The system also allows you to automatically send Hungarian invoices to NAV.

What does the add-on allow?

  • Import customers, products and orders from your e-shop into Euroinvoice.
  • Automatic synchronization of stock from Eurofaktura to your e-shop (saving time compared to manual transcription or data transfer).
  • OSS support.
  • Instant synchronization of order statuses from Upgates to Eurofaktury (using webhooks)

Who is it for?

For all e-shop owners who do not want to manually transcribe data or export it to another system. With Eurofacture, they have a connection to online accounting and the ability to control their business from anywhere and at any time. 

How to activate the add-on

You just need to have the add-on/API interface activated in Upgates to connect third-party applications, where you enter this data into your Eurofacturer account.

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Then you save everything and simply start the synchronization.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.