Elasticr WMS

Speed up order dispatch, make the status and movement of goods more transparent, minimise warehouse errors and save costs and valuable time by automating processes. Use Elasticr WMS - the system for e-commerce warehouse management, goods movement and distribution.

We handle all e-shop warehouse processes, for example:

  • Customer order
    If the goods are in stock, they go for dispatch. If not, it can be automatically ordered from the supplier. It doesn't matter if it is personal collection, shipping or mail order. The process is always controlled by your defined workflow.

  • Ordering from the supplier
    It can be created, for example, directly on the basis of a customer order, manually, or automated according to rules you define, such as the minimum quantity of the item in stock or in the branch.

  • Delivery of goods to the warehouse
    Compared to a delivery note, you use manual terminals to check if the supplier has sent you what they should have. Similarly, the system will check that the supplier has complied with the prices in force at the time of your order.

  • Receipt of goods in stock
    Receiving will be done as you specify. Whether you have warehouses divided by sections, brands, batches or type of product, the terminal will always tell the warehouseman where the goods belong or cannot belong.

  • Dispatch to the customer
    We honour FIFO principles when dispatching. Handheld terminals guide the warehouseman down the hall so that he is not looking for anything. The label for the carrier prints in 1 click. Goods can be picked for up to 10 orders at a time.

  • Complaints and returns
    You always know where the claim is, who is handling it and what condition it is in. We handle acknowledged claims and repair documents, sending back to the manufacturer, forwarding for service, cancellation or withdrawal within 14 days.

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