Elasticr WMS

  • A lean system for managing the e-shop warehouse and all processes in distribution.
  • You always know what (and where) you have in stock, what you have sent and what has just arrived.
  • It handles everything from suppliers, to receiving, to shipping, returns and inventory.
  • It reduces the error rate of warehouse workers, increases the speed and efficiency of shipping.
  • It saves time and automates the routine, generating documents and keeping an eye on stocks.
  • Communicates with carriers and orders pickups with 1 click.
  • Thanks to the API, it connects to your Upgates e-shop or ERP to any extent.

Speed up the dispatch of orders, get 100% overview of the movement of goods, minimize the error rate of warehouse workers and save costs and valuable time by automating processes, which you can then invest in the development of your e-shop, business or marketing. Use Elasticr WMS - a lean system for managing e-shop warehouse, goods movement and distribution.

Main principles of Elasticr WMS

  • Position controlled warehouse
    Say goodbye to warehouse chaos and unnecessary wandering. In Elasticr WMS, each item has a clearly defined position or zone. Thanks to this, everyone knows where the goods can be stored and where they can find them again during the expedition.

  • Handheld terminals
    Terminals keep an eye on storekeepers so that they don't forget anything, wander off unnecessarily or make a mistake. Together with the readers, the system precisely controls processes such as shipment and receipt of goods, delivery, transfer, picking for dispatch, packaging, delivery and inventory.

  • 100% overview of the movement of goods
    You always know what has arrived in your warehouse, what you have ordered from a supplier, what you have just run out of or what you have just shipped. All actions are recorded in readers and the system, with a workflow clearly defined by you and documents generated.

  • Reactivity and real-time data
    The entire system is so-called reactive. It can easily be operated by the entire hall of the warehouse at one moment and cooperate, for example, on the receipt of goods or on one large order. Data is updated to everyone and everywhere with a precision of a second.

  • Overhead automation and Paperless
    Let the system monitor stocks, order goods, communicate with customers or generate documents. Papers and carrying things in your head is not fun (and does not benefit) anyone. Therefore, the only thing warehouse workers will have to print is a 1-click carrier label.

Why Elasticr WMS?

There are many inventory management systems. However, most are not primarily intended for e-commerce, so they carry with them unnecessary complexity, rigidity and robustness of large ERPs.

Elasticr WMS, on the other hand, is a flexible system designed specifically for e-shop warehouses and distribution. And we imprinted this idea in everything - in functions, processes, automations or perhaps simplicity of implementation and operation.

  • Easy connection to Upgates, your ERP or accounting system via API
  • In the absence of an account. system with API can generate invoices, credit notes and closings
  • Available in the cloud 24/7 as a responsive web application
  • The possibility of storing goods according to the principles of FEFO, FIFO or LIFO
  • Full product traceability - records of batches, serial numbers, etc. per product
  • No-code setting of processes, actions, rules and workflow as you need
  • Generation of delivery notes, receipts, disbursements and correction documents
  • Any number of warehouses, locations, zones and positions according to your needs
  • No technology license fees, everything runs on open-source
  • Communication with carriers, dosing, ordering collection, labels with 1 click
  • In addition to normal processes, they also deal with complaints, cancellations, returns and inventory
  • Modern UX, complete no-code service for storekeepers and managers


You can find all information about the system on the Elasticr WMS website. We will be happy to show you the system, send you a full list of features and provide an initial consultation at your warehouse for FREE.

Just contact sales representative Zdenek: +420 777 022 428 or zvizek@elasticr.cz.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.