• Successful affiliate network with hundreds of partners.
  • Helps increase sales and orders.
  • Easy integration by inserting conversion codes into the e-shop.

With Upgates, you can easily connect your e-shop to the eHUB platform and start working with hundreds of affiliates who will drive orders to your e-shop.

eHUB.cz is a fair affiliate network that uniquely combines its own technology with a team of experienced affiliate managers. Expect up to a 23% increase in sales thanks to the promotional activities of over 7,300 content creators.

By joining eHUB's affiliate network, you can gain new traffic sources and increase your current number of orders and sales by 5-15%!

Who is the add-on for?

For all medium and larger e-shops with at least 500 orders per month.

How to activate the add-on?

After the initial introduction of the service and agreeing on the terms of cooperation, the contract will be signed.
This is followed by the implementation of conversion codes into the e-shop, setting the terms of cooperation, providing advertising elements for affiliate partners.
After successful testing of the conversion code and setting up the necessary information, the affiliate program is launched and the partners are allowed to join and start promoting it immediately.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.