DPD Parcel Shop

UPgates supports

  • Export Orders for Label Printing
  • Link to carrier locations

What is DPD Parcel Shop / Pickup?

Delivery to DPD Parcel Shop, less than 1,000.

Why choose DPD Parcel Shop / Pickup?

  • Reach new customers who prefer to pick up a package in person.
  • You can find almost 1,000 branches in our Pickup distribution network. And they are still growing. We have been working for many years with Uloženka and other partner stores.
  • People can pick up a package in one of our 13 depots.
  • Each package included in the shipping price is insured up to CZK 50,000 Make sure.
  • Your customers can track the path of their package on our website.
  • You can check your package delivery in our Shipment Tracking tool.
  • We will provide you with integration tools that allow you to add Pickup to your e-shop as a shipping method.