• Online warehouse and shipping system.
  • Forwarding application for efficient packing of shipments
  • Saves 2 hours of work per warehouse worker per month.
  • Ship out the package at the lowest possible price in ultra-fast turnaround time with minimum inaccuracies.

Depoto allows you to keep track of your inventory in a modern way. Possibility to operate multiple warehouses, multiple stores connected to one warehouse, record stock positions, item reservations, support expirations, batches for products.

We use clever logic using combinations of FEFO, FIFO, etc. We create bookings so that you don't sell one product multiple times. We support data readers for receiving, dispensing, reordering, inventory, partial inventory, picking items into orders.

We deliver a complete logistics solution from picking to packing to printing the shipping label of Czech carriers - all in one system. Depoto also has a checkout application if you have a combination of e-shop and brick-and-mortar stores.

Why use the add-on?

By introducing processes such as positioned stock, controlled picking, stock readers for receiving / dispensing / inventory / picking, double-check dispatch and direct connection to the carrier, you can save hours of time per month in the warehouse.

Who is it for?

For medium to large e-tailers who want to efficiently use warehouse staff time, reduce errors and overall set up warehousing and logistics processes that will allow for growth and perhaps expansion into other markets. 

What does the add-on enable?

Two-way transfer of orders, products, customers.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.