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Děkovačka is a Czech tool that could also be called a "network of e-shops". The principle of the whole system is to share customers between non-competing e-shops. In short, when a customer makes a purchase on your e-shop, he is offered discount codes from other e-shops that are not competing with you. The same then happens on all other participating e-shops in the Děkovačka 

The price is also favourable, because it is zero. You do not pay any registration or participation fees. The only thing you pay is the affiliate commission that comes from the customer's use of the discount code.

To learn more about how Děkovačka works and what the system looks like, visit Děkovačka blog.

Example of using Děkovačka:

A customer makes a purchase on a sports equipment e-shop that does not sell supplements. The customer is then offered a discount on another e-shop's supplements on the thank you page. Conversely, on the thank you page of the supplement e-shop, the customer is offered a discount on sports equipment. 

A customer who is shopping for sports equipment is likely to be interested in supplements and dietary supplements. This increases the conversion rate but without affecting customer loyalty. Děkovačka is suitable for e-shops but also for service sellers. Děkovačka does not interfere with the purchase process and does not affect orders or customer loyalty to your online store.

Benefits of Děkovačka: 

  • It works purely on affiliate commission - you pay nothing for signing up or for running the system.
  • You will get customers that you can't get from any other marketing channel.  
  • Guarantees unbeatable discount offers - you will never bring customers to a competing e shop.  
  • It will take 2 minutes to integrate Děkovačka. Thank you card expands your email marketing database.
  • From day one of your affiliate program, you can acquire customers.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.