• New tool from the workshop of data specialists Advisio.
  • Offers a comprehensive solution for data collection.
  • Based on server-side tagging technology.
  • Delivers up to 99% of data from e-shop administration to analytical and advertising systems.
  • Suitable for every e-shop, implementation within 24 hours.
  • Reliable support,
  • In compliance with GDPR, verified by specialists from eLegal.

DataPlus ensures every business has precise data for advertising and analytical systems. Thanks to server-side tagging technology, it measures up to 99% of data necessary for targeting relevant customers and long-term growth. It helps make informed decisions on budgets for online promotion, accelerates the learning phase of advertising campaigns, thereby increasing their efficiency. It works directly with the browser, not with specific servers. The acquired data is then securely sent to Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, or META systems. DataPlus was developed by marketing agency Advisio, which specializes in performance marketing and data analytics. It brings secure and verified specialists from the law firm eLegal.

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