• Transformation of supplier feeds into UPgates data file.

Conviu can process vendor data in any format - most commonly XML, TXT, XLS, or CSV. You can let it work independently, but if you want, you can enter the kitchen, where the content of your e-shop is created from the input data, and there you can freely edit the data.

How many times a day should supplier feed data be updated? And at what time? You determine this yourself so that it is nicely followed by imports into other systems or data updates in your e-shop.

Of course, you can connect any number of vendors to ensure the best possible availability of goods. And we know that as a supplier, it has a view of the tree structure of the assortment.

In Convio, you can easily set the rules for rewriting categories of vendors to your e-shop categories. Similarly, you can override stock availability and even recalculate prices according to the supplier's margin. Conviu can also unify product parameters from data from all suppliers.

So you can boldly send new products in the supplier's feed to your website - automatically with the right price, parameters, availability and in the right category.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.