Connectify connector

UpgatesConnector is one of the integration modules offered in the Connectify platform, which transfers data between the Upgates e-shop and Stormware's Pohoda information system at adjustable time intervals. Documentation of the functionality can be found here.

Upgates integration description

This integration is one of the modules of the Connectify platform used to synchronize data between Upgates and Pohoda. The synchronization is triggered at configurable time intervals, but the minimum time interval is 5 minutes. In all agendas, only new and changed records are synchronized, so records are not deleted.

The integration supports all versions of IS Pohoda (MDB, SQL and E1). Connectify is connected to a specific accounting unit of IS Pohoda. Communication is done at XML and database level.

Data closure needs to be done in cooperation with us.

We recommend that you have regular backups of your data set up in Pohoda.


The module allows you to set both custom conditions specifying which data will be transferred and custom field mappings specifying where the data will be transferred. Thanks to this we can customize the module to your workflow as much as possible.

Track your integrations

Connectify will send you notification emails about failed transfers in your integrations. You can then view detailed information about the errors in the logs that can be found in our client section.

Directory <- Customers

The integration currently only supports importing customers from Upgates to Pohoda.

Inventory -> Products & Variants

Upgates only allows you to create complete products using the xml feed once a day, anyway the availability and prices are updated at configurable time intervals via the api. Products are created in upgates including variants and are divided into relevant categories.

Orders <-> Orders

The integration downloads new orders from Upgates to Pohoda and is then also able to download payment and fulfilment statuses for them. It is possible to change the status of orders in Upgates based on configurable events from within Pohoda.

Integral dinner

You can try the integration for free for a month and pay a setup fee only if you decide to continue using the integration. Fees for advanced settings are payable regardless of whether the integration is in the trial version or not.

  • Deployment (Includes 1.5h consultation, basic integration setup, Connectify client installation and MServer setup + Pohoda backups) - 4000 Kč / 160 €
  • Instance operation- 850 Kč / 34 € per month
  • Advanced settings (e.g. setting custom filters, advanced field mappings, etc.) - 1500 Kč / 60 € per hour
  • Deployment to an isolated test environment (linking the new Upgates test instance and the new Pohoda test accounting unit) - 2500 Kč / 100 €

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.