• Fulfillmen service operated by Comgate.
  • It provides storage of goods, warehouse management, order clearance and dispatch of goods. to Shipmall Logistics.
  • Online transfer of orders to Shipmall where they are cleared and dispatched to customers.
  • Automatic creation of stock cards.
  • Manual export of orders for label printing.

More about Shipmall

In cooperation with Comgate, we offer you the opportunity to focus on online business and entrust order logistics concerns to specialists.

E-shop warehousing logistics fulfills goods warehousing, order fulfillment, packaging and delivery to the customer. The goods of the e-shop are stored in one of the ComGate logistics centers. The e-shop is connected to the warehousing system, so instructions for packing and shipping goods take place in the background, completely automatically. The e-shop operator thus has his hands free for marketing, selection of a new assortment and further development of his business.

Advantages of external warehouse logistics Shipmall

  • Reduce fixed costs

You only use and pay for the warehouse space you really need. You do not even pay the salaries of employees, only for the work for handling individual shipments. This minimizes your fixed costs.

  • Manage swings and spikes

Thanks to the flexible storage space and sufficient capacity of the ComGate fulfillment team, you will be able to handle the seasonal peaks of your e-shop: returning to school, Christmas or another event will not affect the speed of delivery of your orders to customers.

  • Everything under control and online

You control the warehouse through an online system. Orders from the e-shop are processed automatically thanks to the online connection. You can also handle other operations, such as stocking new goods or handling complaints, via the Internet.

  • Savings on packaging and shipping

You don't even have to worry about buying packaging material, storage and handling equipment, or cash on delivery. ComGate buys transport in bulk, so with us you will get favorable prices for the delivery of goods to customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and throughout Europe.

About Shipmall

ComGate has been providing warehouse logistics for e-shops for more than 10 years. It currently uses 12,800 m2 of warehouse space in logistics centers in Prague, Bratislava and Týniště nad Orlicí. For more information, visit the ComGate Logistics website.

Optimization for ComGate

Optimization is performed by adding predefined fields.

  • comgate_export_shipment_type - column 2 (method of delivery)
  • comgate_export_shipment - column 3 (carrier)
  • comgate_export_vydejni_misto - column 4 (vydejni_misto) - if not defined, the branch ID selected in the volume is inserted here

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