• Installment sales.
  • In order to use the instalment sale services, you must first contact Cofidis regarding the terms of cooperation.
  • You can activate the add-on for connecting the Cofidis system with the e-shop by following the help.

More about Cofidis (iplatba)

The iplatba product belongs to the family of revolving loans. Revolving will offer your customers flexible repayments and renewable financial reserves that can be reused for repeated purchases in your e-shop .

Once you’re an affiliate e-shop, customers can buy goods from you and choose ip payment as a method of payment. Then they just fill out a short online form and immediately find out if the credit wallet of the payment has been opened or not. They then simply sign the contract online in the application. Future payments will then be made simply within seconds thanks to the iplatba user account.

Benefits of Cofidis repayments (iplatba)

1) Convenient and fast shopping for your clients

2) The customer will receive your goods without delay

3) Goods on installments in your e-shop in 2 clicks

4) The customer has control of the account

More information about Installment payments

You can find more information about the installment sale here.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.