• Top-rated click fraud & ad fraud prevention service for Google & Facebook ads.
  • Ad Fraud & click fraud will waste 20% of PPC advertisers’ budgets in 2022.
  • Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget.
  • ClickCease™ Google Ads click fraud protection and Facebook Ads fraud prevention software will block fake impressions and clicks.

Bots and fake users cause a waste of paid advertising costs. Block them and only get real human clicks to improve your stats.

Who are we blocking?

  • With ClickCease, malicious sources won't even be able to see your ads.

Why use Clickcease?

  • Bots clicks
    At least 40% of internet traffic is non human. Bots have no intention of converting and will simply waste your ad budget.

  • Competitor clicks
    What’s stopping your competitors from clicking your ads, depleting your ad budget and taking the number 1 spot on Google from you.

  • Fake clicks
    Driving genuine traffic is the key to getting conversions. Blocking fake clicks improves your quality of traffic and can get you more conversions.

  • Click farms
    Are large scale dedicated click fraud operations, usually hired to inflate the click volume on search engine results and social media channels.

  • Brand haters
    Refers to anyone who wants to see you fail. A depleted budget prevents you from advertising and ruins your marketing results.

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