Chameleoon is a web platform that optimizes the process of creating and printing shipping orders.

  • Efficient order processing and time-saving.
  • Reduction of errors in order processing.
  • Choice among various courier services, active in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Romania.
  • Universal interface for all collaborating courier companies.
  • Options for individual and bulk order processing.
  • Flexible label printing according to the formats preferred by couriers.
  • Real-time data checking and modification.
  • Updates on order status and addition of a tracking number.
  • Detailed real-time tracking of shipments on our tracking page
  • Centralized management of multiple e-shops.

Details about the Chameleoon app:

The application collaborates with courier companies that are popular not only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also in Romania. With Chameleoon, you can flexibly print labels in various formats according to the preferences of the couriers. Checking goods with a barcode scanner ensures the accuracy of dispatching, while our tracking page offers detailed information on the status of shipments. The application also provides overviews and statistics for better control of your shipments.

Who is the application for:

Chameleoon is ideal for e-shops of various sizes that want to effectively and seamlessly dispatch their orders. Dispatch easily, without unnecessary complications, from a single interface regardless of the number of your e-shops.

Why Chameleoon?

If you are looking for a reliable tool to streamline the dispatch process and want to have the option to control and track shipments, Chameleoon is the ideal solution for you.

How to start with Chameleoon:

Simply register on the website and activate the add-on for Upgates. After registration, adjust the settings according to your needs and you can start dispatching. For new e-shops, we offer the first 30 days completely free. Try it out and see the benefits that Chameleoon offers you.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.