• Connection via XML bridge from ATMITEC.IO

CÉZAR is a corporate information system specialized for wholesale, retail and manufacturing companies. The solution adapts to large and small companies. The CÉZAR information system is designed for comprehensive stock records, price list management including individualized quotations and much more.

It is an external XML service that automatically performs two-way synchronization between the e-shop and the CÉZAR information system. The price of connecting one module is 6000 CZK one-time. To run the application, a maintenance fee of 25% of the price is required from the following calendar year. The current connection option can be checked in the Help link.

Delivery time: individual

More about IS CÉZAR

The CÉZAR corporate information system is used by almost 7,000 companies. The history of this economic system dates back to 1991 and is simultaneously developed in four generations, from which each company chooses the ideal solution.

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