Česká pošta - balíkovna


UPgates supports

  • Export Orders for Label Printing
  • Link to carrier locations

What is a Package Pack?

  • The Parcel package is the most affordable solution for delivering goods ordered online.
  • The bale weight can be up to 20 kg
  • You can pick up your parcel at more than 400 special parcel delivery points throughout the Czech Republic.
  • All you need to do is give the pick-up code you receive in the notice and your name when it is issued.

Why choose Package to Package?

  • Fast service

To pick up your Parcel Pack, you can take advantage of fast handling at a specialized post office called Parcel Shop (list of Packages here). All you have to do is select the "Fast parcel delivery" button on the calling system, enter the confirmation in the form of a pick-up code, and you will be prompted for a counter as soon as possible.

  • Easy Pickup

All you have to do is give us the name and code to pick up your shipment. No proof of identity is required for collection, so a third party can pick it up.

  • Guaranteed Card Payment

You can pay cash on delivery by credit card at any of the specialized Parcel Service counters, even at depots.

  • Save your shipment for up to 15 days

The recipient can simply extend mail storage time from the standard 7 to 15 days via a link that will be available in the notice of the end of storage time.