Česká pošta

Česká pošta

UPgates extra charge Free
Price for connection Free
Price for service According to the service price list
  • Manual export of orders for label printing.
  • Automatic dispatch via Balikobot.
  • Automatic setting of the carrier's network of dispensing points.

What is the Handheld Package?

  • Handheld package up to XL (longest side 240 cm) delivered to any address in the Czech Republic.
  • Parcel delivery 30 to 50 kg is subject to a contractual relationship with ČP and heavier shipments weighing over 30 kg may only be submitted at selected premises.
  • If you use Complex Delivery, we will also unpack the bundled package and review its contents.
  • At the same time we unpack the package and we can also take away the old appliance.

What's a mail package?

  • A unique service for the transport of national parcels up to the XL size category (longest side up to 240 cm) throughout the Czech Republic.
  • The sender or recipient chooses the mail to which the package will be ready for collection.
  • Possibility to pick up at the post office usually on the next business day.

What is a Package Pack?

  • The Parcel package is the most affordable solution for delivering goods ordered online.
  • The bale weight can be up to 20 kg
  • You can pick up your parcel at more than 400 special parcel delivery points throughout the Czech Republic.
  • All you need to do is give the pick-up code you receive in the notice and your name when it is issued.

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Optimization for Česká pošta

Optimization is performed by adding predefined fields. More info.

  • export_shipment_note - column 13 (required additional services to the shipment) and column 18 (untitled column, it is possible to match some custom value)
  • export_shipment_note_2 - column 19 (untitled column, it is possible to match some own value)
  • export_payment_note - column 20 (column without name, it is possible to match some own value)
  • export_payment_note_2 - column 21 (column without name, it is possible to match some own value)

General principles of data export for carriers are described here.