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More about Ceneo.pl

If you plan to sell or already sell in Poland, the Ceneo goods comparator is what you need. It is the largest Polish comparator, thanks to which you will reach a huge number of new customers in the local market.

Over 18,000 Polish e-shops advertise on Ceneo. Thanks to our cooperation with Mergado, you can be among them now. You will get products from your e-shop among another 25 million products, between which users can compare prices.

Its operation is based on the same principle as other known sites with the same focus. E-shops are listed here from the "best" based on a comparison of the CPC values ​​of individual offers, their ratings and the price of goods. In order to fill the leading positions, it is necessary to pay per click, while before Christmas its price will increase by an average of 10 - 20% of the base. If you want to be as high as possible in the imaginary hierarchy of sellers on this portal, just basic bidding will not suffice and you will have to spend more money on it. This is the only way to achieve that you will, resp. your product will appear in the table with the selected offers.

You can contact our Mergado partners on request at mergado@mergado.cz.

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