• Automatic alerts for customers on Viber and SMS.
  • Targeted bulk Viber and SMS campaigns with personalized marketing content.
  • Two-way communication with customers.
  • Ability to create custom variables in notification text.
  • Connection via Baselinker.

Multi-channel communication platform for successful business communication.

Connect with your customers anywhere in the world with BulkGate. Engage and communicate with them via SMS gateway, Viber and other solutions.

Our multi-channel solutions

Inform, promote and communicate with your customers through multiple mobile communication channels.

  • SMS gateway
  • Viber Business
  • Broadcast

Seamlessly connect your company to BulkGate

We specialize in creating products and solutions that open up new possibilities for your business. Connect your application or software to our multi-channel platform in a simple way or use our Web Portal. Take a look below and choose the connection method that works best for you.

Choose BulkGate as your messaging partner

Let us help you bring your company closer to your customers. BulkGate connects companies to customers in a cheaper, faster and more reliable way.

  • Scale your SMS messages
  • Send messages anywhere
  • Pay less for exceptional service

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