Brani - Packer

Helps increase efficiency in packing orders Supports picking and completion using EAN scanners or product codes Significant acceleration through multipicking multiple orders and combining similar orders together Perfect overview of employee performance thanks to statistics

No more chaos in packing and shipping packages. With Brani Packer, you'll have a perfect overview of which orders need to be packed, who packed them, and when. With Brani Packer, you can make the picking and completion of orders more efficient. Using a barcode scanner minimizes errors. Brani Packer is definitely appreciated whether you are a large or small e-shop.

Main features and benefits of the Packer:

  • Scanner control - the interface for both picking and packing is fully controllable using a barcode scanner.
  • You can scan both product codes and EANs. And you can freely switch between them during packing.
  • Support for storage positions - picking is organized by storage positions for efficient navigation through the warehouse.
  • Breaking down sets into individual products.
  • The possibility to pack an order into multiple packages and print a label for each.
  • Additional labels - If you need to send additional goods to an already shipped order (replacement for broken/lost goods during transport), you can generate and print an additional label.
  • Support for all carriers that Balikobot, Chameleoon or Go-balík has.
  • Automatic photographing of the workspace during packing - each order has its own photo gallery.
  • Statistics - who packed how many packages, how many pieces of goods, at what weight, and how quickly - ideal for calculating KPIs.
  • Multi-eshop - packing for multiple e-shops simultaneously - ideal if you have separate e-shops for CZ, SK, HU, and similar.

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