• Webový nástroj, ktorý automatizuje marketing pre slobodné povolania a podniky.
  • Bezpečné riešenie na hromadnú a transakčnú komunikáciu.
  • Automatizácia opustených košíkov, testovanie úspešnosti kampaní, komunikácia so zákazníkmi.

Czech application for automated marketing with unique deliverability operated on its own secure Czech cloud. Boldem is a web-based tool that automates marketing for Hance, Firma, and Banka. Connectivity created using API technology that delivers real-time results.

  • Personalized email campaigns
    Targeted, personalized campaigns sent on responsive templates are the most beneficial method of marketing.

  • Automated abandoned carts
    Motivate customers to complete their purchase and increase sales with automated personalized emails.

  • Intelligent corporate identity
    Set up your corporate logo, color palette and frequently repeated blocks once and use them elegantly in templates with a single click.

  • Mailings and Boldem functionality via API
    Connect your system to Boldem via API and send PUSH notifications to your apps, transactional emails, letters, or SMS.

  • Connect systems through multiple channels
    Integrate Boldem's marketing features directly into your enterprise platform, linking your accounting, ERP, CRM, or other systems.

  • Secure transactional messages
    Send secure transactional emails, SMS messages, PUSH notifications, or even letters.

More about Bold

Making the world of marketing more automated and easier for everyone

Years of experience, mistakes, and endless development have brought us to this point, where we can offer you a fully automated marketing tool that makes it easy for the imaginary freelancer Hank to send out personalized messages, for the Company to display PUSH notifications in their apps, and for the Bank to integrate marketing functionality directly into their ERP system

A key focus of our work is the development of the Boldem automated marketing application. We managed to integrate a number of marketing tools into it and automate many of them as much as possible. We are constantly developing the application and strive to make it as easy to work with as possible for all types of users, both male and female.

We listen to you and focus our development not only in the direction of the latest trends in the world of marketing and technology, but we also ensure a high level of security. We strive to learn from our own mistakes and those of others and do our best to secure not only our data, but most importantly, our customers' data.

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