Blending Bull

  • Tool for integration of data feeds in XML, CSV and other formats

More about Blending Bull

Blending Bull is an application for editing data feeds in CSV, XML and other text formats. Users combine multiple data feeds into one file or work with a single feed. There are powerful rules that can handle a variety of data formats.

Most users with Blending Bull combine data feeds from suppliers, which they then process or import into e-shops. They modify availability feeds that are difficult to process in other tools. Or they make changes in product feeds. The tool is very general so that everyone can solve what they need.

Each user can make the settings themselves and doesn't have to wait for a third-party worker to make the changes for him. If a person needs to make the settings, but does not have the time or does not understand, they will ask their marketing agency. If your agency uses Mergado (which is the standard today), Blending Bull can set it up. Alternatively, ask our support :-)

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