• With one add-on, you can connect all your data sources, including social media, campaigns, store, warehouse, accounting, logistics and customer data.
  • Get real-time updates on the health of your business and make data-driven decisions.
  • Improve sales, cash flow and increase profits by understanding data even without technical expertise. It's all powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Anticipate future demand for your products so you never run out of stock. 
  • Identify which products have low margins and are not contributing to your company's revenue.

Tired of constantly jumping from one spreadsheet to another? Are you killing time by looking for information in spreadsheets and can't get relevant outputs? BinarBase is a data app that merges all your data into one app and helps you improve your decision making process.

Imagine looking at the results of your business over your morning coffee without having to wait for reports and results from others.

How it works?

Simply connect your e-commerce sources (Upgates, csv, Excel, GA4, email tool, Facebook, Instagram and more) and all your data will automatically transfer to BinarBase. Thanks to modern technology, we'll identify what the data is and assign meaning to it. The application then visualizes the data, shows you the historical development , predictions for the future and you can create one comprehensive dashboard where you can track the most important things you need for your e-shop.

Why choose BinarBase? 

If you want to have a transparent overview of what's happening in your company, BinarBase is for you. Spend your time on the things that will drive your company forward, and don't waste your time on things that technology can do for you. It can be done without technical knowledge and experience. 

A comprehensive overview helps you identify opportunities to increase profits, improve cash flow or optimize inventory management. Deliver long-term value to your customers. Identify your most valuable ones, track metrics like purchase frequency or average order value, and gain insights into customer loyalty and profitability.

Your data under one roof. We provide UpGates users with extremely favorable terms.

Who is BinarBase for?

For all medium and large e-commerce businesses that are struggling to centralize their data into one system. Different price options are available, so each customer only pays for what they realistically need.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.