• Bidding tool with administration interface for easier bidding on comparison sites.
  • Statistics in one place, simplified bidding settings, auto-bidding.
  • Use of feeds Google Nákupy, Heureka and Zbozi.cz.

More about BiddingManager

Bidding tool with its own administration interface for easier bidding on Heurece.cz/sk and Zboží.cz. It simplifies bidding, allows you to turn products into auto-bidding, and streamlines the evaluation of advertising results.

Testing the cheapest bidding tool on the market is FREE for 14 days.

You can manage Bidding [Manager] yourself or entrust it to our bidding specialists, who will take care of setting up your account and regularly optimizing your advertising for you.

What can BiddingManager do?

Data and statistics in one place

  • The tool collects and categorizes data from all comparators.
  • Extends the comparator interface with new features.
  • Evaluates the saleability of goods according to various criteria.
  • Allows you to create arbitrary segments using filters.

Manual bidding

  • The first setup wizard will help you start manual bidding.
  • Manual bidding is a breeze with three basic CPC models.
  • The 'optimal CPC' feature automatically assigns an ideal CPC amount to each product.


  • Automatic bidding puts key products at the forefront of product comparators and keeps them there for maximum time.
  • The feature monitors target positions, automatically overestimates cost-per-click, and shuts down inefficient products.


  • Possibility of consulting with specialists.
  • Clear video tutorials on the Youtube channel.
  • Bidding [Manager] School The school will show you all the benefits of bidding with Bidding [Manager] in a simulated virtual e-shop environment.

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