Balíkuj is a web platform that we created to help not only e-shop owners who want to simplify and speed up the process of creating shipments, processing orders and dispatching shipments.
At Balíkuj, we are trying to gradually implement all the functions and tools that could save e-shops time, money and, above all, worries.

We're not just another shipping service, we offer tools to automate and streamline processes.

Our core features include:

  • We offer a data connection to the carrier, when we deal with:
    • adding shipments, tracking shipments, tracking statuses
    • printing of labels in PDF, ZPL in bulk and for individual carriers
  • A friendly UI interface in which you can create shipments for all carriers without having to log in anywhere - we have programmed the interfaces of all carriers into one administration so that you no longer have to log in anywhere
  • Downloading orders from e-shops, managing them, printing labels - all with one click
  • Manage orders in a friendly UI interface
  • Order picking with the support of barcode readers to minimize errors
  • Own API interface through which you can connect and easily set everything up
  • Print labels using our printing service - print labels directly to the printer, you don't need to open PDF files all the time
  • Creation of rules for orders and shipments for example:
    • Sending an email if the order is in the status of X days
    • Changing the order status if the shipment is in the selected status
    • And much more
  • Custom email templates for sending thank-you letters, etc.

When will I use the service?

  • I want to send shipments through contracted carriers automatically, without worries and typos
  • I want to track the status of shipments or manually create a shipment in one interface without having to log in anywhere else
  • I want to generate labels in PDF, ZPL
  • I want to process orders from several e-shops in one interface
  • I want to carry out error-free picking of goods from orders with the possibility of using a reader
  • I want to create rules for orders or shipments with an action to change the status, send an email, send an email template, send a POST request
  • I want to print labels and orders directly from the web application on a printer (e.g. in a warehouse) without the need to download, open and print a PDF file

What will it cost me?

We offer the Balíkůj application completely free of charge. You can test Balíkuj for free, send shipments via contracted carriers, create rules, manage orders, etc. If you don't like something, even if you don't like it, we will terminate your account at your request.

Planned news

We are constantly working day and night on the development of Balíkuj :-). We currently have a number of tools in development which will include:

  • Complete warehouse management - receipts, issues, FIFO, batches
  • Invoicing system for creating, sending and printing invoices
  • Order management using data terminals (Zebra and other Android devices)
  • Connection to Alza and Allegro marketplace
  • Connection to accounting software (Pohoda, Abra Flexibee, etc.)

Where can I find support?

We try to be as helpful as possible to people and therefore offer several types of support:

Can you help us improve the service?

We try to do service mainly for you. The customer always comes first for us, so we will be happy if you share your ideas, advice or comments with us. We will try to work everything in as soon as possible. You can write your comments to the discussion forum directly in our administration at

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