Aplex ERP

A CRM/ERP type enterprise information system that takes into account the specific needs of your company.

Developed from the beginning with an emphasis on maximum customization possibilities during implementation for a specific user. Including the possibility of customized program modifications.

Data and documents can be stored in the Microsoft AZURE cloud.

Comfortable user interface for MS Windows computers or mobile access for Android and Apple phones.

What the add-on enables

The add-on simplifies the work of placing orders in the ERP, it also allows you to conveniently manage products in the e-shop from the ERP system.

  • transfer of orders to the ERP system
  • transfer products export stock balance to Upgates
  • possibility of complete management of the e-shop from the ERP system according to the client's requirements

Activation of the add-on

To activate and run the add-on you need to contact Aplex fimra.

Our IT specialist will set up and run the add-on.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.