An API is an application programming interface that is used to pass data between Upgates and other applications in a formalized way. Upgates offers public APIs that allow anyone to submit content to or remove content from the service.

A large number of offered add-ons are managed and continuously connected through the API. A great advantage of this technology is the constant updating of data, which can be kept in sync in two or more places at the same time. 

Thanks to the API, you can work with the data in the system (insert, update, read, delete) in real time and connect e.g. your accounting, ERP or other system with Upgates. So when you update, for example, a stock value in Upgates, the application creates an API request to change the status in another system.

Specific API options can be found in the publicly available documentation:  https://www.upgates.cz/api-v2

Upgates API meets the principles of REST. It is possible to connect to the Upgates API using unique access. This is a security safeguard so that someone unauthorized cannot draw your data.

The use of the API is free for all plans and its use is limited individually according to server load.

For more detailed information, see the related help here.

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