• Increasing revenue and number of orders
  • You don't pay for clicks or traffic - only for realized orders
  • Over 3000 registered publishers (website owners and influencers)
  • Fast integration
  • Each e-shop has its own manager

We have prepared a simple connection to your e-shop. With the UpGates add-on, you're just a step away from working with the biggest blogs, magazines, review and comparison sites, cashbacks and influencers.

By engaging affiliate marketers with our network, you get complete program management and access to our database of contacts/publishers. And why take advantage of this opportunity? In the first year, we are able to increase the revenue of the participating stores by an average of 11%. We try to increase the share every year 🚀.

Why activate the add-on?

  • We will contact you and individually discuss the terms of the campaign
  • we will deliver simple integration codes that you can insert on your website
  • we will launch the collaboration and keep you updated on how the campaign is doing


Why use affiliate marketing with our network?

  • source of new orders
  • payment for completed sales (for which you already have money in your account)
  • we operate in multiple markets: CZ, SK, HU and RO
  • regular reports
  • assigned affiliate manager

We have been successfully managing campaigns since 2012 and at the moment we are increasing the turnover of more than 200 campaigns in 4 markets.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.