ABRA Flexibee - full connection

  • Linking through the bridge of provider.

Links orders and warehouses in the e-shop from the Upgates platform and the ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee accounting system.

What the bridge can transmit automatically:

  • Transfer products to or from ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee accounting,
  • Transfer orders to ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee, including their changes,
  • Book goods from received orders in ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee,
  • Transfer issued invoices from UPgates, including credits.
  • Transfer stock status from ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee to the Upgates platform e-shop.

Můstek can also work with product variants or with multiple warehouses.

The bridge can also be used if you have several e-shops or their language versions connected to one billed company in ABRA Flexi / FlexiBee.

More about ABRA FlexiBee

ABRA FlexiBee is an online economic system for small businesses and sole traders. She can work with him from anywhere, anytime.


You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.