ABRA Flexibee

ABRA Flexibee

Connection provider Dativery
UPgates extra charge 15 € / mo. (Import products)
Price for connection 6 900 Kč one-time + 290 Kč / mo.
Price for service According to the service price list

ABRA FlexiBee is an internet-based economic system for small businesses and sole traders. You can work with it from anywhere, anywhere, anytime.

The link automatically transfers all issued invoices, down payment invoices, credit notes and receipts from UPgates to the FlexiBee accounting system. Transmits documents issued in all set currencies.

Document sync settings options:

  • Place orders. When transferring an invoice to FlexiBee, it is possible to determine whether the transferred orders will be executed and canceled the reservation (this mode is used when shipping goods from UPgates).

Invoice sync frequency:

  • Invoices are transmitted at night (from 5 am). All invoices are transferred from the last transmission up to and including yesterday.
  • Subsequent changes in invoices are not transferred (ie it is possible to change invoices in UPgates before they are transferred, then it is necessary to make changes in both applications).
  • Invoices are created with items that are linked to a specific product.