Cheap rental of online store

online store rental is today the most widely used way to quickly launch and run an online store. Renting of an store with Upgates can work in four price variations. Each of the variants includes all modules and you do not have to buy anything and increase the extra monthly costs. Upgrading and modernization is free of charge and your e-shop will be in constant shape. If you do not know where to start, we will guide you through the world of Upgates servis options - in this case please contact us via mail or your eshop's administration.

Are not you a programmer or a graphic artist? Do not worry. Thanks to the Designer, you do not even have to! You can maximize your focus on selling and running the store and leave everything else on Upgates. However, if you like to make minor modifications directly in HTML and CSS, there is a code editor for you.

Advantages of creating an store with Upgates

  • Graphic tools such as the Designer enabling creative freedom without knowledge of programming.
  • You can also edit details in HTML and CSS using the code editor .
  • Possibility of using paid services beyond the variants rental plan .
  • Design of the store will be graphically customized for all common devices and a screen size .
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-domain to expand into new markets.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    Do not buy hare in a sack

    Create store for 30 days free of charge and try out what you are going for. Then go to the paid version and sharp domain. Do you prefer to deside on the basis of customer ratings? Here are reviews from our site and from the largest grader of online store solution in the Czech Republic do not forget to check out already completed online stores from our customers.

    Why create an online store with Upgates?

    In the e-commerce market, Upgates are more than 10 years old. It is a box solution suitable for online stores operating mainly on the Czech and Slovak markets. Visions of Upgates is to offer a high-quality and affordable service to maximize client comfort when creating and running an online store . The goal of Upgates is to ensure efficient store creation that you can easily manage from any device without having to know the programming languages, the user environment and the design of the internet store. Quick technical support will take care of your requests.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.