• Accounting system for small and small entrepreneurs.
  • Includes accounting, tax records, invoices, warehouses, payroll.
  • Responds to legislative changes.

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More about the service

MRP accounting programs are used by many Czech entrepreneurs. The most well-known software is the MRP-K / S accounting program. It is a professional tool for accounting and business companies, entrepreneurs and tax advisors who use it to keep accounts, warehouses, payroll and taxes. So you have all the important agendas easily accessible from one place.. 

The MRP-K / S accounting system is designed for:

  • small and small entrepreneurs, for whom only some Modular sets are sufficient for work
  • medium and larger entrepreneurs (individuals)
  • small, medium and larger companies
  • both VAT payers and non-payers
  • employers with a virtually unlimited number of employees
  • contributory and non-profit organizations
  • accounting firms and tax advisors
  • work in local computer networks, over the Internet and, of course, only on one computer
  • users who need to reduce the initial investment and use it only in the form of rent.

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