• City courier service providing transportation in the Czech Republic.
  • It has ten branches in the Czech Republic.
  • It delivers shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You know about the delivery at the same moment when the courier delivers the parcel. 

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More about the service


Customers order our services because they are always 100% sure that their shipment will be delivered on time and in good order. We represent the companies that use us. We are a guarantee of quality in the courier services market. But we know that quality is not only guaranteed by a well-known company name and excellent technical facilities, but above all by our people. An empathetic telephone operator and a courier who, despite traffic jams, can deliver the parcel on time.


We are creative and not afraid to experiment. Speed is key - for us, it doesn't just mean delivering a parcel as quickly as possible. We can respond to non-standard orders immediately and provide the client with the service they need right now - regardless of the fact that we don't normally offer it among our products. Unusual and special requests from clients are a huge inspiration for us on the direction we continue to take. We simply enjoy special deliveries.


Our goal is to maintain the team spirit and family-like atmosphere that has existed at Messenger since the company was founded. We believe that an excellent team, where people respect each other, is a prerequisite for maintaining the perfect quality of our service. Our clients are usually loyal to us for many years. This is also true of our employees and couriers.


We were the first urban courier service on the Czech market, we have been operating for more than twenty years and throughout our existence we have remained at the top of the largest urban courier services. We have created a standard and set quality benchmarks for our industry. We are constantly improving our services in response to the relentless pace of new technology and client demand. Yet, and precisely because of this, we respect tradition and are committed to preserving the company's reputation.

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