• In addition to its own products, the Mall online store also offers Mall Partner services.
  • The add-on allows you to connect to the Mall Partner system, through which your products are advertised on the Mall.
  • The first 3 months of sales are free of charge. 

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More about the service

Get new orders for your store without any marketing costs! Through MALL Partner you can offer your products to thousands of MALL customers in six countries.

What is the principle of the MALL Partner Marketplace?

In a few sentences, the MALL Partner marketplace can be described as you selling your goods through the MALL e-shop, using its infrastructure and logistics processes. MALL takes care of traffic, marketing, technical development and after-sales service. When you have a brick-and-mortar store, you don't have to worry about creating an e-shop or online marketing. It's up to you to ship the order, product portfolio and manage your own stock.

Is the cooperation worth it?

We believe it will. We strive to make the cooperation profitable for all parties and our customer receives the best possible service with the same quality. MALL therefore provides basic services such as customer service or complaints processes. We also invest in online marketing and PPC as well for our partners' products. At the same time, we are aware that there is a different margin in each category, so we differentiate if you sell socks or electronics.

Can I sell any products on MALL Partner?

Yes. We create the largest and widest product offering and therefore do not limit the nature of the goods unless we are limited by legislation or exclusive distributors. If you offer goods that we do not yet sell on MALL, we will be happy to start new categories with you.

Can MALL Partner misuse information about my products and sales?

It is not our intention to harm our partners in any way. We realize that MALL grows with its partners, so we strive for long-term and transparent cooperation. We do not want to favour anyone, on the contrary we create a competitive environment with the widest possible product portfolio, which is the best for the customers who shop at MALL.

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