Ježek software DUEL

  • Economic accounting system.
  • Pairing payments with the bank.
  • Enables easy communication with authorities.
  • Covers all necessary processes in the company - accounting, business and HR.

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More about the service

We create economic software for accountants, entrepreneurs and managers who refuse to spend time on unnecessary manual operations. Thanks to our work, they can solve them with one click.

DUEL processes most of our tasks automatically and, thanks to regular updates, in accordance with the latest legislation. Downloading data from clinicians is simple and secure. And it is also convenient to communicate with the authorities. With the same number of accountants, you can now serve many more clients than before.

With DUEL, employees work in the cloud. I can keep track of the company's performance from home or on holiday. In addition, DUEL covers all the necessary processes in the company - accounting, sales and HR. And if you need additional functions, we will purchase them and easily implement them in the company.

  • Easy connection
    DUEL uses the latest MS SQL Server technology. This makes it easy to connect to other systems.

  • Remote access
    DUEL includes many features that automate and speed up your work. In addition, you can work with it, for example, from home.

  • Intelligent connectivity
    All modules are interconnected. You can issue documents in the entire business thread with a single click. You don't type anything twice.

  • Precise data filtering
    Precise data filtering, which you set up precisely according to the search parameters, is a popular helper.

  • Connection to the bank
    DUEL can be easily linked to your bank accounts to automate the retrieval of statements and the sending of orders.

  • Data imports and reports
    "Load" your external data into DUEL (once or repeatedly). Or, alternatively, print reports in PDF, Word or Excel and send them directly by email.

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