Graphic configurator

How do you create quickly and free e-shop graphics to best fit your individual requirements, while there is no template? Thanks to the designer module, UPgates offers a wide range of options for graphic design. There is no need to be a programmer, coder or be a graphic designer. Depending on your own feelings and experience, choose the appropriate component configurations, color style and layout of the e-shop.

Edits in code

You can do most of the graphical edits in administration using the designer. For the rest, you need to contact technical support to give you access to advanced settings of code editor.

Turnkey graphics?

If you do not have the time to set the graphics in the designer by yourself, our team of designers will work for you at a price of 600 €. The scope of work is as follows. Work beyond the framework is charged at a rate of 50 € / hour (excluding VAT). You will be informed in advance and you must approve the implementation .

This is not a custom-made graphic design according to the graphical design you provide. It is based only on the below mentioned administration options of UPgates.

You can enter the order in the administration of your project. Go to the Settings (icon at the top right) of the Services subcategory. Select the Profi Graphics and setting and click Order. We will consult you with all of your steps, subject to your approval.

List of functions: