Customize your graphics to suit your business needs and requirements. You don't have to be able to program or be a professional graphic designer.

UPgates designer

Individual settings for colors, fonts, animations, configuration of graphic elements, etc.

Code Editor

Ability to edit graphics at the source code editor level. Custom CSS, JS and HTML.

Mobile and tablet views

Responsive look of online store for the narrowest mobile phones up to widescreen monitors.

Top ergonomics

UPgates online stores maximize your conversions and are user-friendly.


Free updates. Development of new graphics on a separate version. Graphics backups



An ordering process that increases the success of order completion. Automated order management and advanced invoicing make your job easier. Retail and wholesale.


Billing system, automatic invoice generation, document appearance adjustment.

Cash register

A full-featured cash register system. Quick ordering from the system environment. More sellers. Own products and discounts. Connection to a code reader. Document printing.


Create an order from online store or administration. Invoices, credit notes, receipts and own documents. Bulk generation.

Order process

Three-step cart, minimum purchase value, automatic registration, returning customer, repeat purchase, adding to cart via URL. One Stop Shop (OSS) mechanism is supported.

Order Restrictions

Unable to order product if there is not enough in stock. Restrictions on sell out products. Restriction of delivery data according to the selected shipment.

Order statuses

Sending system emails and automatic operations related to order statuses (paid, settled).


Cash on delivery, cash, payment transfer, connection to payment gateways, percentage or fixed fee, payment restrictions based on the size of the purchase, QR payments.


Shipment groups. Shipment Tracking. Connections to carriers and branch networks. Restrictions by country, customer, price list, weight, and purchase price.


Retail and wholesale simultaneously on different languages. Price preferences with or without VAT. Purchase and registration for companies only. Purchase without VAT. Store lock for unregistered.



Provide the customer with comprehensive product information and prevent him from competing. Full-fledged variants and the possibility of product configuration.

Archive and replacement product

Archiving a sold-out product and offering a replacement alternative.

Customer features

Product comparison, favorite products.

Filters and sorting

Filter product lists by label, price, availability, benefits, manufacturer, and parameters. Automatic creation of filter pages. Sort settings. Default sorting.

Labels and benefits

System and custom labels. Product lists set by labels.


Product manufacturer's label. Product list filtering. Manufacturer's site generation.


Action, purchase, original and regular price. Price discounts. Custom pricing formulas.

Price lists

Unlimited number of price lists. Percentage or fixed prices. Price list according to turnover.

Product articles

Add an article, advisor, news to the product. Link to any external URL. Adding products to an article.

Product configuration

Build the product of your choice. Linking to the total price of the product. Creating configuration groups.

Product creation

Manual creation, duplication, bulk editing, editing mode, data import.

Product description

Name, code, supplier, EAN, long and short description, images, downloads, tabular parameters, multiple categories, etc. For adults.

Product gift

Add a free gift to select products.

Product lists

Top offers - recommended products, promotions, news, sales, best-selling products.

Product variants

Variant as a full-fledged product. Bulk generation. List and table view.

Quick info

Detailed product information displayed in a window directly in the product list.

Related products

Related and alternative products, accessories, kits. Combined and paired settings.

Units and quantities

Yardage, ordering by multiples, packaging, measure price and unit, limiting orders to maximum and minimum.

Warehouse and availability

Update inventory, availability by inventory, inventory by variations, inventory limit, actions when inventory changes. Availability when sold out.



System for creating a tree structure of the top, left and bottom menus. Design text and product pages to suit customers and search engines.


Category immersion path in the menu tree.

Category types

Main page, text page, product page, link to another URL or category in the menu, etc.

List of categories

Unlimited adding, editing, moving and deleting categories in the menu. Ability to display only the current branch of the left menu (department store).

List of subcategories

Module with links to subcategories, including thumbnails.

Page description

Title, page description, images, gallery, downloads, article list, advisor.


System page with a complete tree structure of all menus.



Learn more about your customers and store their data from orders and other forms in a profile. You can then use the information for marketing purposes.

Customer account

Register and log in to your account. Order history, list of rated, favorite and watched products. Contributions to discussions. Customer profile.

Customer groups

Organize customers into groups. View pages for selected groups only.

Customer profile

Login, personal, business, and billing information. Add multiple shipping addresses. Nickname for anonymous communication. Blocking the customer.


Records of messages coming from forms on the e-shop. Event notification - registration, newsletter request, etc.



Reach your customers with marketing campaigns and offer them a number of competitive advantages. Customers prefer shopping on your e-shop.


Global discount (per category), manufacturer discount, product discount, quantity discount in cart. Maximum size of the total discount.

Discount coupons

Global coupons. Restrictions on products in the category, products in action or according to validity. Shipping coupon. Bulk generation. Generation in emails.


Campaign creation, history, and statistics. Unsubscribe from emailing and automatic cancellation. HTML templates. Quick product addition.

Loyalty system

Earning order points and product reviews. Redemption of points according to time or quantity limit.

Pop-up window

Content can be text, banner, form. Set the delay and display interval.

Ratings and reviews

The customer rates the purchased products with stars or writes a review. Points to the loyalty system as a reward.

Recommendation to buy

Customers purchased the product. Offer related and additional products. Buy for free shipping, get a discount or loyalty points. Recently visited products.

SEO optimization

Automatic or individual SEO settings. URL redirection. Sitemap.xml and robots.txt settings. Site indexing. RSS.


Sending SMS messages to customers from the system. Building on order statuses.

Social Networks

Links to sites on social networks. Buttons for sharing page content.

Unfinished baskets

Records of baskets that customers have not completed. Overview of filled in information. Quick conversion to orders.


Track a product that is not currently in stock and notify the customer by email when it is back in stock.



Detailed statistics with clear graphs for easy data analysis over time.

Statistics in charts

Turnover, number of orders and profit of the e-shop in individual periods. Share of transport and payments in total sales.

Online store traffic

Link to Google Analytics Traffic Statistics.

Additional statistical information

Top-selling product reports, top customers, and order amounts.



Improve your e-shop's position in natural search results with content marketing and an advanced content management system.


List of tips and tutorials. Display in a category below the text or a list of products. Possibility to add to the product detail.


Cover or image banners. Customizing the look in the Designer module. Graphic motifs. Site positioning system.


Publicly available comments. Display in product detail or on a text page. Number of comments in paging.


Central administrator for organizing files in administration. Insert downloadable files into a text page or product. Trash for deleting files.


Custom form design. Inquiry form, quick contact to the trader. Saving data to the customer profile. E-mail a copy of this message.


Marketing trailers using icons or covers. Display on the main page and in the footer of the e-shop.

Images and galleries

View the main and list images. List of pictures in the gallery. Detail of the image in a slideshow. 3D gallery. Zoom.


List of links to partner sites. Possibility to insert a logo.

News and Articles

Create article lists with a thumbnail image. Click on the page detail.


Insert polls into individual pages. Restrictions on repeat voting. Set the default number of votes.

Print a page

Special display of e-shop graphics for efficient printing.

Store benefits

A structured list of the benefits of the store on the main page next to the main text.

Text editor

Format text content. Font style, headings, paragraphs, bullets, tables, alignment, etc.


Insert your own file into pages. Add youtube videos using a text editor.

CMS content management system

General functions

System settings of the store and various other tweaks for your effective management and business growth.

Bulk edit

Full bulk product customizations. Partial use in customers, categories and articles.

Language mutations

Advanced language management across the entire administration. Translations with the option to copy their content to another mutation.


Exchange rate import from ECB and ČNB. Possibility to change the imported course. Price rounding, separator of tenths and thousands. Currency mutations.

Domains and SSL

Own domain operation (second or third order). Domain for language mutation. Domain aliases. SSL certificate. Secure administration.


Free inbox on the server. Email addresses verification. Sending system emails related to specific events.

Fulltext search

Search the e-shop using keywords. Search results whisperer. Search in administration in sections and help.

GDPR and consents

Consents to the processing of personal data. Connection to the customer's profile. Embedding in conversion codes. Cookies list.

Language mutations

Advanced language management across the entire administration. Translations with the option to copy their content to another mutation.

Multidomain and multistore

Nastavení domény na jazykovou mutaci. Satelitní e-shopy s odlišnou obchodní značkou v rámci jedné administrace.

Store operator

Possibility of setting a different operator in each language version of the e-shop. Billing and business information in documents.


User profile. Signature for communication with the customer. Set display and edit rights in specific modules.

VAT payer

Setting up the e-shop operator as a VAT payer / non-payer. Automatic verification of whether the customer is a VAT payer. Purchase without VAT.


Payments for renting an e-shop to your wallet by card or bank transfer. Invoice history. E-shop owner profile.

Web visibility

Display in all or specific languages. Show only to specific customer groups.



Connect your e-shop with your surroundings and expand its possibilities for sales, promotion or efficient management.


Connect to UPgates in real time (insert, update, read, delete).

CSV configuration

Import various CSV files using the configurator. Map columns to data fields.

Data transfers

Support for CSV and XML formats. Complete connection in the UPgates regulation. One-time and regular (small and large) import.

Finished connections

List of connected benchmarks, accounting, extensions, and other external services.

Supported formats

Possibility of import and export in the format of Heureka, or Google Merchant comparators. Availability feed.

Unsupported formats

Import your own data file through special services.