Here in the UPgates, you'll find 95% of all the e-shop features that are commonly available only for hundreds of thousands at custom made shops. We add new features everyday.


Produkty UPgates

Perfect product description

Provide exhaustive product information and prevent the customer from leaving your e-shop for lack of information.

Easy product administration

UPgates maximizes ease and speeds up the administrator's work by using features such as product duplication or bulk editing.

Flexible pricing

Customize the price for any customer - wholesaler, retailer or VIP customer. Set any discount or individual price formula to adjust the price automatically.

Emphasis to benefits

Distinguish your product description from the bustle of competing stores by highlighting the benefits of the product.

Cross selling

Allow customers to purchase related products or accessories to maximize the value of each order.


Let customers evaluate the product, write reviews, and build a community around e-shop products.

Product SEO

The product detail can be linked to the filtering pages and thus build a natural long tail. In UPgates, you can archive a product page to avoid losing your URL to ensure its traceability on Google.


Grafika UPgates


Create a unique design of the e-shop simply by using the designer tool. It allows you to combine individual graphic modules in any way and make your e-shop tailor-made.

Responsive design

UPgates will naturally display your e-shop on any device. Ultrabooks, long smartphones, touch screen desktops, widescreen monitors, HD resolution - there is no atypical monitor that UPgates would not handle.


E-shops created in UPgates meet the latest requirements for ergonomics and usability. This will maximize the conversion rate.

Edit HTML and CSS

We provide you the source code so you can create your own graphics using the HTML, CSS, or JS configuration. In the administration, you'll find a code editor where you can edit the design. Interface for testing changes is also included, before launching a production version.

Choose a consultant

And if you want graphics from professionals at a good price, just choose the price and range of work in our service offer.


CMS redakční systém UPgates

Content marketing

Create articles, news and advices or add pictures, videos, downloads, and more. Use content marketing to improve the position of your e-shop in organic search results.

SEO customization

UPgates allows you to manually or automatically set meta tags, H1, URLs or information for merchandise search engines. For each site, click through the breadcrumb navigation and sitemap. Backlinks to other UPgates projects are also provided.

Multidomain and multilanguage

Your online store runs on your own domain. If you're switching from another system, you can simply set up redirects to secure existing positions on the search engines. The system also allows you to countless number of domain aliases.

In one project, one domain at time can be used by default, which is included in the monthly rental fee. However, multiple domains (not aliases) that are linked to language mutations can be set with and extra fee.


All product, customer, order, and stock information is regularly backed-up to a secured cloud servers. The projects themselves are secured by the SSL Let's encrypt certificate.

More functionality

UPgates supports fulltext (instant) searchnon-public pages (intranet), or language mutations on separate URLs.


Marketing UPgates

Interaction with customers

Engage your customers and enrich the content of your site with surveys, advices, benefits, discussions, or questionnaires.

Marketing announcement

Support sales through editable banners in administration, animated carousel, recommended products, or the best-selling products list.


Set a product discount, a manufacturer, a quantity discount, a global discount on a particular category, or on a whole e-shop. UPgates also allows you to work with discount coupons or a loyalty system.

Social networks

Each page of your e-shop allow you to link, share to major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest.

Indexing support

The system automatically generates sitemap.xml and supports so-called long tail in natural search results.


CRM UPgates

Customer Information

Get to know your customers more and save information from your order, registration, or emailing request to your customer profile. You can use them in marketing campaigns later.


UPgates archives all communication that has taken place with your customers on the e-shop (on-line discussions, comments, forms-based communication, etc.)..


UPgates includes an emailing module for creating email, campaigns, and other email marketing tools.

Customer's account

Encourage repeat sales by allowing customers to create a customer account. You can record order history, customer discount, favorite products, or make repeated purchases.


Obchod UPgates

Wholesale, retail

Set the wholesale or retail mode to adapt pricing, VAT, ordering, etc.


Customize shipping by weight or purchase value, set up free shipping from a certain amount, create transport groups (for example, for fragile products).


Complete solution for EET. Inclusion of all payment methods that belong under EET, from payment gateways to cash.


In addition to regular payments, it is also possible to set up installment payments, payments using Visa and MasterCard, PayU, MoneyBookers or PayPal.

Stock system

Automatically update the availability of products by linking to bookkeeping or wholesale. UPgates also keeps track of the minimum quantity of products in stock.

Managing a business case

Create documents such as orders, invoices, offers, queries and more and archive them in the history of the business case.


Set any currency for each language mutation and update prices in bulk using the current exchange rate.

System e-mails

Set automatic email respond when a specific event is triggered, such as filling in an order or registering.


Export import propojení UPgates

Export / Import using XML and CSV file

Data exports and imports are available using the XML file or the Universal format XML/CSV UPgates.

Smart connection configuration

Connect product, customer, category, or order data. Set up which data will be created and which updated.

Connection to external services

UPgates allows you connect to search engines, PPC campaigns, remarketing, Google services (Google Adwords, Google Analytics), Heuréka, services (, Sklik, Retargeting) and more.

Connection to information systems and suppliers

Connect UPgates with information or accounting systems Pohoda, Money, K2 and others. Or use the XML file to automatically update your products with suppliers.

How does UPgates work?

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