Design under control

Customize your graphics to your needs and the requirements of your line of business. You don't have to be able to code or be a professional graphic designer.

  • Upgates Designer

    Individual settings of borders, animations and configurations of grafic part.
  • Colour change

    Simple setting of colours, design, module and parts of the website.
  • Font editing

    Customized font style, text sizes, colours, shadows and other additional effects.
  • Change page layout

    Reordering the placement of individual blocks with animation modules and graphic item configurations.
  • Change the design and layout of modules

    Each module allows more detailed settings of its design and layout.
  • Live previews

    You can see how the e-shop displays on screens including mobile devices with one click.
  • Advanced graphic functions

    Shadows, gradients, animations, backgrounds, blur, color filter overlay, borders.
  • Code Editor

    The ability to edit graphics at the source code editor level. Custom CSS, JS and HTML.
  • Graphic backups

    System and manual backups so you can try other settings without any obligation.
  • Marketplace specialists

    Offer of external specialists who will create and customize graphics for you.
  • Mobile and tablet display

    Responsive online store design from the narrowest mobile to wide monitors.
  • Top-quality ergonomics

    Upgates online stores are user-friendly, which maximizes conversions.
  • Production and test version

    Ability to set up new graphic in a separate test version.
  • Extraordinary loading speed

    Each of our templates is thoroughly tested for speed optimization.


Manage orders quickly and efficiently with automated processes. These will help you reduce your daily routine and related administration to a fraction of your current time.

  • Order editing and management

    Organize orders with advanced and highly sophisticated bulk editing capabilities.
  • Managing documents

    You can create invoices, credit notes, receipts or other custom documents for each order.
  • Invoicing

    Invoicing system, automatic invoice generation, document layout modification.
  • Order process

    Three-step cart, minimum purchase value, automatic registration, repurchase.
  • Add to cart using URL

    You can set up marketing campaign links to add items to your cart as soon as the link is clicked.
  • Ordering restriction

    Banning or allowing the sale of out-of-stock items.
  • Cashier

    Full-featured POS system. Quick ordering from the system. Multiple sellers. Custom products and discounts. Connection to a product's code reader. Printing of documents.
  • Custom order's stock status

    Unlimited number of custom order order's stock status with the possibility of setting up automatic operations when the stock status is activated.
  • SMS messages

    Sending SMS messages to customers from the administration. Automatic sending when order status changes.
  • System e-mails

    Sending e-mails to customers from the administration. Automatic sending when order status changes.
  • Orders from the administration

    You can create orders through the administration and even by duplicating a previous order, which you can modify according to your needs.
  • Document number series

    All documents, business cases and customers allow you to set up a custom number series by which documents will be tagged.
  • Order notification

    Keep an eye on things. You can be informed about every order by email or notification in your app.
  • Order processing history

    Detailed processing of the order checkout report. See how and when related emails were sent, when it was paid, shipped, etc.
  • Shipping and payment according to order's price

    Depending on the amount and content of the items in the order, you will only show the customer the related shipping and payment options. Minimum and maximum payment amounts.
  • Messages and their templates

    You can edit all automatically sent messages both textually and graphically.
  • Bulk printing of orders

    In addition to previews of the order contents, it is possible to easily print all items for the warehouseman.
  • Automatic label printing for shippers

    With a few clicks, you can send orders to the shippers' systems and print labels. Feature requires a paid add-on.
  • Attachments to the order

    Customers can upload their image or file to the product when ordering.
  • Barcodes in documents

    You can insert an automatically generated product barcode in Order documents and custom documents.
  • Date of dispatch

    Inform customers before they buy when they can expect their order. Feature requires a paid add-on.
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A wide range of settings and options for working with products leads to good organization and proper presentation of goods on the online store.

  • Archival and replacing product

    Archiving the sold-out product and offering an alternative in the form of a replacement product.
  • Prices

    Sale, purchase, original and regular price. Price discounts. Custom price calculations.
  • Pricelists

    Unlimited number of pricelists. Percentage or fixed prices. Pricelist according to sales rate.
  • Articles for products

    Add articles, guides, news to the product. Link to any external URL.
  • Gift to the product

    Adding a free gift to selected products.
  • Filters and sorting

    Filter producs by tags, price, availability, benefits, manufacturer and parameters. Automatic creation of filter pages. Sorting settings. Default sorting.
  • Units and amounts

    Metrage, ordering by multiples, packaging, unit price and unit, limitation of ordering to maximum and minimum.
  • Measurement units and prices

    Display of the price per unit of measurement, which in some cases is mandatory by law.
  • Product's configurations

    Product set-up according to your choice. Linking to the total price of the product. Creating groups of configurations.
  • Product description

    Name, code, supplier, EAN, long and short description, images, downloads, tabular parameters, multi-categorization.
  • Quick info

    Detailed product information displayed in a box directly in the products list.
  • Product lists

    Top offers - recommended products, special offers, news, sales, best sellers.
  • Goods availability

    Custom availability, change their colors and icons, automatic availability according to stock levels.
  • Warehouse system

    Easy management and stocking, automatic stock update, stock status by number of products, stock status by number of variants. Stock limit, total stock value, bulk adjustments.
  • Related products

    Related and alternative products, accessories, kits. Combined and paired setups.
  • Labels

    System and custom labels. Product lists set according to labels.
  • Benefits

    Display the commercial advantages of an item, including a short explanatory description for the product.
  • Product variants

    Unlimited number of variants, each acting as a full-featured product. Bulk generation. List and table view.
  • Manufacturer

    Marking the product's manufacturer. Filtering in the product list. Generating the manufacturer's page.
  • Product creation

    Manual creation, duplication, bulk editing, edit mode, data import.
  • Related files

    Attach related files of any type to products and categories.
  • Automatic actions after the product is sold out

    The product can be deactivated or archived together with all variants when sold below the specified value.
  • Low stock alert

    In the case of a sale below the specified number of items, the items will start to appear in the report as under limit.
  • Ratings and reviews

    The customer rates the purchased products with stars or writes a review. Points to the loyalty system as a reward.
  • Watermark

    Secure your original photos with an image watermark to prevent copying.

  • Adjustable product parameters

    Detailed options for setting parameters to the items on the basis of which they will subsequently be filtered.
  • Recycling fees

    It is a legal obligation for specific types of goods to indicate the price with the information that it includes the recycling fee.
  • Watchdog

    Watching for a product that is currently out of stock and notifying the customer by email when it is back in stock.
  • Accessories for purchase

    You can offer gift packing or an extended warranty with the product in the shopping cart, for example.
  • Positions in stock

    You can specify the position (location) of a product in stock.
  • Graphical product configurator

    The customer can graphically customize the product before the order is shipped. The function requires a paid add-on.
  • Sets

    Sell multiple products in a set. Each item will be deducted from the stock separately when purchased.
  • Sorting by availability

    Show customers the products that are in stock in the first place. Get noticed with items that you can actually deliver.
  • Price history

    For products and variants, their prices for the last 30 days are stored.
  • Digital products

    Sale of e-books, gift vouchers or educational courses.
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The simple organization of items into multi-stage menus guarantees quick orientation during store maintenance and better clarity from the customer's point of view.

  • Breadcrumb navigation

    Tree structure menu.
  • Sitemap

    System page with complete tree structure of all menus.
  • Page description

    Title, page description, images, gallery, downloads, list of articles, advice.
  • Menu

    Unlimited adding, editing, moving and deleting of categories in the menu. Possibility to display only the current part of the left menu (department store).
  • Different menu structure on mobile

    Setting the menu to display differently for mobile phones.
  • Subcategories list

    Module with links to subcategories including preview images.
  • Category types

    Easily define a page type such as text page, product page, link to another URL or menu category, etc.
  • Unification of the top and left menus

    Merge the top and left menus, which will contain the same items.
  • Menu icons

    You can add custom icons to menu items for easier customer navigation. The feature requires a paid service.
  • Dynamic filters

    For filters, the number of items containing the parameter is displayed. By selecting values in the filter, the items are dynamically filtered.
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The large number of available marketing functions provides extremely extensive sales support options. Experts recommend that you regularly renew the marketing tools you currently use, and to do this, you need to have a wide range to choose from.

  • Recommended to buy

    Customers have added to this product. Offer of related and complementary products.
  • Emailing

    Product assembly according to the choice. Linking to the total price of the product. Creating groups of configurations.
  • Product comparison

    Creation of an individual spreadsheet by the customer, into which he inserts the products for comparing.
  • Favourite products

    Registered customers save products to their favourites to make them easier to find for repurchasing.
  • Abandoned cart

    Records of baskets that customers have not completed. Overview of completed information. Quick conversion to orders.
  • SEO optimization

    Automatic or individual SEO settings. Sitemap.xml and robots.txt settings. Indexing of pages. RSS.
  • Redirect URL

    Simple module that creates URL redirection, which is necessary e.g. when migrate from other platforms.
  • Discounts

    Discount per category, manufacturer, product, quantity discount in cart. Maximum size of total discount. For newly registered customers.
  • Discount vouchers

    Disposable or reusable. Limited to products in category, products on sale or by validity. Shipping coupon. Automatic generation to email.
  • Social networks

    Links to social media pages. Buttons for sharing the content of the page. Custom network icons.
  • Loyalty system

    Earning points for ordering and product reviews. Apply points according to time or quantity restrictions.
  • Pop-up window

    Content can be text, banner, form, 18+ entry restrictions. Display delay and interval settings.
  • Marketing and comparators

    40 links to comparison shopping sites and other marketing tools. Google, Heureka, Zbozi and others.
  • Communication tools

    10 links to external applications providing online chat, newsletter, external technical support, complaints.
  • Customer groups

    Organization of customers into groups. Display pages only for selected groups.
  • Customer account

    Registration and account login. Order history, list of rated, liked and tracked products. Posts to discussions. Customer profile.
  • Countdown to free shipping

    Product set-up according to your choice. Linking to the total price of the product. Creating groups of configurations.
  • Last seen products

    A module with items that the customer has recently viewed so they can return to them more quickly.
  • Heading alert

    Create a coloured bar at the top of each page with an important notice.
  • Banners on website

    Banners can be placed in categories, but also on system pages including cart, shipping selection, etc.
  • Stats in graphs

    The sales rate, number of orders and profit of the online store in each period. Share of shipping and payments in total sales.
  • E-shop visit rate

    Integration with Google Analytics visit rate statistics.
  • More stats information

    Reports on best-selling products, top customers and order totals.
  • Automatic XML feed generation

    Regular generation of XML data for comparators and other marketing tools 4 times a day.
  • Online chat

    Interact with customers during their shopping experience. Chat on the e-shop replaces the salesperson in the physical store.
  • Marketing notifications

    Alert customers during the purchase process that another customer has just purchased or registered. Feature requires a paid add-on.
  • Reviews from Heureka

    Show your customers the latest reviews of your shop or your products on Heureka. Feature requires a paid service.
  • Countdown to the end of the sale

    The function adds a distinctive label with a running countdown to the expiration of the "Action" label. The feature requires a paid service.
  • Just watching

    Information about the number of customers who have recently viewed the product is added to the product. Feature requires a paid service.
  • Discount on first purchase

    The customer will be presented with a window in which they can fill in an email and send a request for a discount, a discount coupon code will be emailed to them immediately. Feature requires a paid service.
  • 2+1 free

    Drive sales with a smart gift offer when you buy a certain number of products.
  • Satisfaction questionnaire

    Get feedback from customers on how satisfied they were with their purchase. Feature requires a paid add-on.
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Content features form the very core of the business in terms of SEO texts and presentation of advantages against competitors.

  • News and articles

    Creating lists of articles with preview image. Click through to the detail page. Add products to an article.
  • Surveys

    Inserting surveys into individual pages. Limiting repeated voting. Setting the default number of votes.
  • Banners

    Wide possibilities of setting and customizing banners layout. Graphic themes, video embedding options.
  • Discussion

    Publicly available comments. Display in product detail or on the text page. Number of comments in paging.
  • Forms

    Design your own form. Inquiry form, quick contact to merchant. Saving data to customer profile. Copy of message to email.
  • Headlines

    Marketing trailers using icons or covers. Display on the homepage and in the footer of the e-shop.
  • Pictures and galleries

    Display the main and list images. List of images in the gallery. Image detail in slideshow. 3D gallery. Zoom.
  • Links

    List of links to partner sites. Possibility to insert a logo.
  • Advisor

    List of tips and instructions. View in a category below the text or product list. Option to add to product details.
  • File Manager

    Central administrator for file organization in the administration. Inserting downloadable files into a text page or product. Recycle bin for deleting files. Access to FTP storage.
  • Print page

    Special display of e-shop graphics for efficient printing.
  • Video

    Insert your own file into the site. Adding YouTube videos by using a text editor.
  • Store benefits

    Structured list of store benefits on the home page next to the main text.
  • Endless page

    Infinity scoll or also infinite page saves your customers the work of clicking through pages.
  • Image Editor

    You can edit product photos and other images directly in the administration. You can crop them, add a description or overlay a filter.
  • Glossary of terms

    The glossary helps customers explain technical terms better and in more detail and improves SEO. The feature requires a paid add-on.
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General functions

You are probably using these features fully automatically. We just want to assure you that we all have it at a highly sophisticated level.

  • Security

    High level of system security, email address authentication, password encryption.
  • Custom domain

    You can purchase a domain ( from any provider. Operation also on a 3rd level domain.
  • Domain aliases

    Unlimited number of domain aliases that direct to your e-shop.
  • Free updates

    Regular updates with new system features that you can use for free at the click of a button.
  • Mailbox

    Email box on your domain ( with the possibility to create multiple related addresses.
  • Fulltext search

    Search the e-shop using keywords. Search results whisperer. Administration search in sections and help.
  • GDPR and agreements

    Create custom agreements in forms. Pre-set agreements with personal data processing, GDPR and cookies according to current legislation.
  • Bulk editing

    Full-featured bulk product editing that finds everyday use for products, customers, categories and articles.
  • Electronic wallet

    Payment of online store rental to your wallet by card or bank transfer. Invoice history. Profile of the e-shop owner.
  • Users

    Multiple users for administration management, permission restrictions, signature for customer communication.
  • Page visibility limitation

    Display the item in all or only specific languages. Display only to specific customer groups.
  • Custom fields

    Extension of the administration with custom fields. Predefined fields with given functionality. Possibility to add fields to graphics.
  • SSL certificate

    HTTPS certificate security, which is necessary for connection to payment gateways, comparison sites.
  • WebP

    All images on the e-shop can be inserted in a modern format that significantly reduces their size and speeds up loading.
  • Administration colouring

    Choose your administration colour. If you manage multiple stores, you can easily keep track of which store you are working with.
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As an online shop platform, we want to offer you as many functions as possible and not limit you. That's why we have more than 100 addons, whose services you can use and expand the possibilities of your business.

  • API

    Real-time connection to Upgates (insert, update, read, delete).
  • CSV and XML documentation

    Support for CSV and XML formats. Complete integration in Upgates. One-time and regular (small and large) import.
  • CSV configurator

    Import of various files in CSV format using the configurator. Mapping columns to data fields.
  • Finished connections

    List of connected benchmarks, accounting, extensions, and other external services.
  • Supported formats

    Possibility of import and export in the format of Heureka, or Google Merchant comparators. Availability feed.
  • Other formats

    Import your own data file via special services or a specialist from the Marketplace.


Every good store can send data to the carrier so that you do not have to rewrite anything manually into logistics systems. Of course, it is also possible to set special types of transport or advantageous conditions for selected customers.

  • Universal delivery types

    Delivery to the customer's address, to your own branch, individual transport.
  • Connection to carriers and branch networks

    Interconnection of carrier branch networks. Automatic updating of the list of dispensers.
  • Data export for carriers

    Order transfer compatibility to 12 major carriers.
  • Traffic limitation

    Possibility to order according to allowed countries, customer groups, price lists, total purchase price.
  • Shipment tracking

    Connection of your system to tracking systems and the possibility to send a link to the order's status in an email.
  • Free shipping from a specified value

    In case that the price is exceeded, the customer will receive free shipping.
  • Shipping according to the contents of the purchase

    For products with greater weight or volume, offer to customers other related shipping methods.
  • Date of dispatch of goods

    Inform the customer in the product detail about the stock status and the date of shipment. Feature requires paid service.
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The automatic pairing of payments with your account will allow fast order processing and easy administration. Managing multiple prices in multiple currencies can also be fully automatic.

  • Easy payment settings

    Cash on delivery, cash, bank transfer, percentage or fixed fee, payment limitation according to purchase size, QR payments.
  • Payment gateways

    8 compatible payment gateways allowing payment by card and immediate marking of the order as paid.
  • Instalment payments

    4 interconnections ensuring the possibility of installment sales to customers.
  • Transfer payment pairing

    Interconnection with FIO Bank allows the e-shop to monitor whether the order has been paid and then change its status.
  • Delayed payments

    Twisto, Mall Pay and PayPak offer your store's customers the option of delayed payments.
  • Currencies

    Import of the exchange rate from CNB and ECB. Possibility to change the imported exchange rate. Price rounding, decimal and thousands separator. Currency mutations.
  • Payment method by order value

    Depending on the goods the customer orders, only the related available payment methods will be displayed.
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Upgates provides the broadest multilingual management capabilities in the boxed solutions platform market. We know that selling abroad is not just about translating products. Feel free to translate any phrase, category, document, system email. Sell different products in each language, even on different domains.

  • Easy management of languages and translations

    Advanced language management across the entire administration. Translations with the ability to copy their content into another language.
  • Language mutation on another domain

    Setting a domain to a language mutation.
  • Multiple stores in one administration

    Satellite online stores with a different brand within one administration, sharing stock, customers.
  • Store provider by country

    Possibility to set different providers in each language version of the online store. Billing and company data in documents.
  • Translation of any phrase

    You can change or translate any phrase or message in the system using translations.
  • Document translation

    Use system or custom translations for any document.
  • Email translation

    Prepared translations of emails and the possibility of creating custom texts for other languages.
  • System translation

    You can immediately start displaying your online store in CZ, SK and EN languages. Other languages can be translated by yourself or can be purchased from other e-shoppers.
  • Manage items in multiple languages

    You can insert translations of items into the system by importing them, copying them from another mutation or translating them manually.
  • Possibility to import and export translation

    You can export and sell translations of the system, documents, email templates or buy them from other e-shoppers.
  • OSS

    Full One Stop Shop legislation availability and compatibility.
  • Machine translations of products

    Mass translations of product texts. The service requires a paid add-on.
  • Forwarding by IP

    Redirect the customer to the correct language version of the store based on the country they are browsing from.
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In addition to the classic form of sales, Upgates also enables sales in a trader-to-trader (B2B) relationship. Related to this are very varied setting options in terms of prices, VAT, customer records, and sales abroad.

  • Hiding prices to selected customers

    Making item prices invisible. Display only to registered users.
  • Purchase with registration

    Hiding the "Add to Cart" button for items so that only registered users can add them to the cart.
  • Inquiry form

    Instead of the Add to Cart button, you will display an enquiry form.
  • Manual approval of registrations

    Keep your partners under control. You will manually approve each registered user.
  • Purchase for companies only

    In order to register, the customer must fill in a valid ID number that is verified by the system.
  • Lock for non-registered users

    Only registered users can access the online store.
  • Wholesale pricelist

    Create specific pricelists and assign them to customers manually or automatically according to their sales.
  • VAT payer verification

    Connection to the VIES database, verifying in real time whether the company is a taxpayer or not.
  • VAT payer

    Setting the online store provider as a VAT payer or non-taxpayer. Automatic verification whether the customer is a VAT payer.
  • Display prices by VAT

    You can display prices with VAT, without VAT or with a description that contains the opposite value.
  • Purchase without VAT for taxpayers

    In case B2B purchase, an order and then an invoice is created without VAT.
  • Sales excluding VAT abroad

    Specification of countries to which documents will be invoiced without VAT.
  • Multi-country VAT registration

    Setting up multiple countries where the provider is registered for VAT.
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You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.