• Marketplace, which focuses on selling the goods of small sellers - designers, various craftsmen, designers, etc.

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Etsy was founded in 2005 as a large online marketplace similar to eBay or AliExpress, but with the difference that it focuses on handmade instead of factory production. Smaller merchants from all over the world sell their own products, unique collectibles, antiques and the like here.

Currently still the most popular online marketplace for handmade products. As well as the classic clothing and jewellery sections, Etsy has an extensive wedding section and a section of supplies for your own home creations, whether you want to paint, work with wood or paper, or even garden.

In total, you'll find around 32 million items from 1.4 million active sellers around the world. Thanks to these numbers, Etsy is still at the top of the heap, even though the competition is nipping at its heels and there are voices from those who sell through the site that it has lost its alternative charm and become a giant mall. 

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