• Data transfer to DHL's shipping system.
  • Printing shipping labels (individually from the order card or in bulk from the order list)
  • Generation of shipping manifest
  • Forwarding the shipping number to the online store
  • Providing the customer with a link to track the shipment
  • Performing automatic actions depending on the status of the shipment (e.g., send an automatic email to the customer when the customer receives the package)

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More about the service

DHL offers virtually all methods of corporate shipping. Whether you're sending leaflets, small parcels, large loads or anything in between, they'll arrange the right account and related services for you. It regularly optimizes the way you ship. With global experience and an extensive, reliable network, we can offer you savings on shipping costs, efficient shipping solutions, alternative payment options and experienced customer service.

The add-on allows you to ship packages quickly and saves hours of time - individually, in bulk or even automatically without your involvement.

You can simply become part of the Upgates family of e-shops too.