Abra Gen

  • A powerful information system for the management and operation of a large or medium-sized successful company.
  • Fully modular and customizable software.
  • With dozens of modules and extensive custom development options, it provides an overview of the entire company in one place.

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More about the service

Information system for medium and large companies that reliably covers business processes.

Comprehensive ERP system

Thanks to dozens of modules and extensive tailor-made development options, we will provide you with a perfect overview of the entire company in one place. We will enable you to effectively manage and control the operation of the company, from the organization of business activities through inventory management, production, service provision to bookkeeping, reporting and decision support. Thanks to its great variability, ABRA Gen finds application in all business sectors.

We bring cutting-edge technology

With the acquisition of ABRA Gen ERP, you get the latest software innovations: an integrated proprietary Business Intelligence solution with instant data visualization and an API that allows you to connect any application and arrange their mutual communication. You have information available anytime, anywhere, even on a smart watch.

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