Hi, we're Upgates

We have created a top online store platform that will open you to the world of internet business.

We already have more than 10 years goals. To offer the most advanced platform for renting an e-shop that will suit small entrepreneurs and large companies.

Although Upgates is an unprecedentedly advanced system already, our work on it will never end. We are constantly developing new features and releasing updates for you. So you can sell comfortably, follow all legal regulations and the latest trends.


in numbers

More than three thousand stores currently trust Upgates today. Their number is growing every day.
We are developing a multilingual platform for you from this year. Thanks to this, we are one of the most advanced solutions on the market.
28 ths.+
In 12 years on the market, we have established more than 21,000 stores.

We love
what we do

Upgates breathe for every online store. We open the doorway to new entrepreneurs who may set up their business quickly and easily, while professionals can take advantage of advanced customization and custom connections.

We will never slow down in the development of the best and most easily configurable system for creating online stores. We are constantly adding new tools, improving SEO, ergonomics and speed, tuning the responsive design, and developing individual functionalities.

Values we trust

We want you to grow

We are sincerely pleased with each of your successes and order that will move you closer to your goals.

Fair play in all circumstances

You will not find any binding contracts or leaving periods here. You can change your tariff or leave anytime you need.

Continuous development and improvement

We actively analyze your requirements for new features and monitor trends. We will pass on the most frequent stimuli to development.

about us


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"Upgates has created a solution for building and personalizing the e-shop

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Career with Upgates

Career with Upgates

Do you want to grow with us? Upgates is a platform popular especially among medium-sized e-shops, which need reliable partners for their growth.