We'll show you how to work with lists of items on the products module, because it contains the most settings and best understands the functionality. In the left menu, click Products and then subcategory Product List.


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You'll see a table page where each line is one item (product). Item information is arranged in columns. The heading is the column name. After clicking on it, ranks (first ascending, another click descending). In the column, you can filter based on the entered keyword. You can return to default by using the Reset button .

Buttons above the table

There are various buttons above the table to work with items.

Create item (product) - Creates a new item in that list. Clicks to show the details page for item entry.

Filters Advanced filters - You can filter your items using advanced filters. They include a number of other options to choose from.

More buttons - For the product list, you can still see the Columns and Product image buttons. In principle, however, the list of buttons in each module may differ.

Action buttons

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You can:




Bulk editing

Use bulk edits to change information for any number of items at once. This saves you a lot of time by scrolling through one detail at a time. The editing procedure is as follows:

Select the checkbox .

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Or check all visible items on the page by using the Mark All icon in the table header

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Once the icon is highlighted, the system asks if you want to choose items on the other pages of the list.

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With selected items you can finally bulk work. You'll set up option "edit - bulk" and confirm by send.

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