What's new in Designer - archive

Version 3.7

Selecting the country of delivery in One Stop Shop (OSS) mode

If the e-shop is in OSS mode, then the purchasing customer can choose the country of delivery on the e-shop page. The selection is made in the menu of the language version of the e-shop or in a pop-up window.

Color settings and icons for the Availabilities

You can set the color and icon for each product availability.

Custom image and abbreviation for e-shop language

It is possible to upload your own image and set an abbreviation for the language.

Possibility to hide prices for the unregistered to the registered customers

In the Designer module, it is possible to hide the price of an unregistered customer. This price is displayed to registered customers if they have a price list discount set compared to unregistered customers.

Add a note to the installment calculator

Using the translation installment-calculator-note, you can add a note next to the link to the installment calculator in the product detail.

Enlarge the main image of the product in the mobile view

Enlarging the main image of the product is now also possible in the mobile view.

Display of a parameter in the product detail

For the parameter, it is possible to set whether it should be displayed in the product detail (in the long description).

Possibility to hide data for payment by a bank transfer

In the e-shop administration, it is possible to set whether the customer will see the data for payment by bank transfer after the completion of the order with the bank transfer payment.

Version 3.6

Automatic bug fixes in designer graphics (since version 3.0)

The system now corrects errors in e-shop graphics, which are implemented in the Designer module automatically. Graphics for which the Designer module is turned off and the advanced options of the Code Editor are not corrected. Automatic corrections also occur on graphics flipped to a sharp domain. However, this will not work until the graphics are further flipped to the sharp domain (Graphics / Finalization).

Product list tabular view

Product # 2 will also appear with a brief description and parameters.

Edit Headlines # 3

If the templates are left or right aligned, the icon will be inserted before / after the text on the line.

TopLeft menu for display on mobile and tablet

The left menu will be loaded without the Show only the branch of the left menu function turned on. In the mobile and tablet versions, the top and left menus are displayed after clicking on the hamburger icon. Global settings Prefer menus on mobile and tablet. Depending on which is selected, the loading of categories is switched. Global settings Disable menus on mobile and tablet. For basic layout # 5, only the left menu is always displayed.

Turn off Designer and turn on advanced Code Editor options

Disabling the Designer module and enabling the Code Editor is active only if the e-shop has funds deposited in the Wallet.

Version 3.5

Add a contact menu to all types of headers except 6.

The menu is added just like any other menu in the Categories.

Flip the top of the product detail

Revoked the main description No. 3 and No. 1. In the new detail of product No. 3, the price is placed in the order box, between the variants and the button in the basket. Below the order box is a short description. The box below has a query that has been moved from below the product images.

Version 3.4

When upgrading to Designer 3.4, you need to re-set the soc icon links. networks in the footer of the e-shop.

New preset graphics Art, Nature and Decor 


Adjust layout # 3 - Based on the graphic of the selected theme, creating a graphic for the title. If it does not contain any individual element, a short underline is used.


Adjust layout # 2 - Color alignment of the text content of the headline is used for vertical alignment up and down.

Top menu subcategory

Adjust layout Top submenu # - Only a limited number of categories will appear in the third level of the top menu. A clickable link will be used to view others.

Blur background with image and video

Option to set to 2px and 10px blur.


  • Structure # 1 - Soc icons. centered and on a separate line
  • Structure # 2, 3 - Add a special bar with phone, email, and soc. networks

New button style

Inside transparent, on the edge color according to settings.

Image blur

Ability to blur the background image more and more.

Labels in product lists

  • 4 new structures for different label locations in the product item.

Long product description

  • Structure # 1 has moved to # 2
  • Structure # 2 is now in position # 1, and the first Description tab also displays Parameters and Downloads.

Version 3.1

New Layout 5

In Templates / Layouts you will find a very modern layout No. 5 without a top header with a left column.

Modified Layout 1

For layout # 1, the width of the container has been increased. The surroundings of the page are now narrower than in the previous version of Designer.

Elastic font size

Templates have been converted to em units. These allow the structure of the e-shop to be adapted in connection with the increasing font size for larger browser window sizes.

Headlines # 3 change

For headlines 3, the spacing between items has been removed.

Automatic page loading with manufacturers

New redesigned signpost with a list of manufacturers, into which the manufacturer's pages are automatically loaded. There is no need to create anything manually in the administration.

New background image customization options

You can now customize the background image of each box as a Cover or as a content without the Cover feature. In the previous version, the background image was displayed only as a Cover.

Add options to repeat the background image in the box

Now you can set the repetition of the image background of the box to either the x or y axis. Possibly in both directions. In the previous version, there was only the option to repeat or not repeat the background.