What's new in Designer

Version 4.1

Version 4.1 brings several new options and extensions for configurations of individual elements. When switching from older templates, it is necessary to take into account the necessity of minor adjustments within the existing settings.

New layouts for the e-shop logo

The logo displayed on the e-shop now offers 3 layouts with different sizes. You can thus better adapt the size of the logo to your requirements.

Main banner in mobile view

For mobile display (XS size in the Designer module) you can create a special banner that replaces the regular main banner used on larger displays. With this step, you can easily prepare different banner content for mobile phones than what will be displayed on larger displays. More here.

EAN display in product detail

The main description in the product details offers the possibility to display the EAN code. Its location depends on the selected layout. By default, the display of the EAN code is disabled, it is necessary to turn it on manually in the Designer.

Hiding individual filter types and sorting in the product list

The Designer module now allows you to hide the individual types of filters and sorting offered in the product list.

Main photo in product detail

The main image in the product detail now offers the option of arrows for easy scrolling between individual product images. It is also possible to set its maximum height. The main image now uses a layout across the entire width of the container.

Slider / classic list view

For selected elements on the page, you can set their display type (slider or classic list of items). You can also choose whether the content of the given slider / list will be directly visible or if it will be hidden under the Next button. This is, for example, a list of images in the product detail.

Notice for reviews in the product detail

In the product details, you can add a notification that will be displayed above the form for filling out stars and reviews. You create the alert content using a translation with the alert-reviews key.

Text for the search field

For the search field, you can create a translation with the search-input-text key, which will be displayed on its background until the first search character is entered. If this translation does not exist, a translation with the Search key is written on the background of the search field.

Shop Benefits - appearance without the use of an image

If no image is used for the Shop Benefits section, the description and the benefits themselves will each take up half the width of the page. Until now, the split was 1/3 and 2/3 of the page width.

Version 4.0

Version 4.0 brings a major overhaul of the Designer module, which responds to modern trends in the field of graphical configurators. Designer 4.0 brings fundamentally expanded options for configuring individual elements. When migrating from older templates, it is necessary to take into account the need for minor adjustments within existing You can read more in a separate article and help.  

New interface

The top bar allows you to quickly navigate to the section you want to edit. Of course, there is also a preview for different display types. You can also easily publish changes directly to the sharp domain. Backups are moved to the "more" section. 

Movable left menu

The left menu can now be anchored or free and moved freely around the page, so that it doesn't get in the way of the edits you are currently making.

New page layout

We have added a new column layout:

New colour - secondary (light)

There is now a secondary (light) color in the color menu, which is created based on the secondary color. 

Additional adjustment of the light shades of the primary and secondary colour

You can edit the lighter shades of colors using the saturation and lightness sliders. 

Gray mode cancelled

The gray mode, which converted very pale shades to grayscale, is completely removed.

Hiding elements

Elements or entire sections can be easily hidden at the click of a button and then re-displayed if needed.

Different settings for desktop, mobile, tablet

With approximately 50% of customers shopping online via their phone, we place great emphasis on responsiveness. Individual elements can now be set to display differently on different display sizes.

Image section dividers

We have removed the fixed separators from the theme settings. You now set the separators separately from a variety of shapes to suit your needs. You can put them at the top of the section or at the bottom as you are used to.

Background graphics

You can now overlay the background of sections with different textures, images, patterns or masks. You can combine all the options and determine their order. This gives you virtually unlimited possibilities to combine settings, where you can create a professional-looking look from these simple graphic elements. 


Allows horizontal, vertical or spatial rotation of elements. You can also adjust their vertical and horizontal size, offset, skew, alignment. 

Object transparency

Within the filters section, you can make elements and sections slightly or more transparent.

Color gradients

You can create color gradients when overlaying the base colors with any of the preset dark colors. For these, you set the direction of their gradient, or one of two circular transitions. 

Blend mode

As in other professional graphics editors, you can combine layers using different blend modes. These allow you to make unique graphic elements and photo adjustments right in Designer.

Min. and max. heights and widths of elements, sections 

You can adjust the preset layout of sections and elements by specifying minimum and maximum widths. The latter can of course be set differently for each display size. 


With regard to the font, you have the possibility to edit it from the view:

  • Size,
  • line height,
  • font style,
  • displaying only upper/lower case characters,
  • italics,
  • bold,
  • colours.

Disable internal lines

Some item lists contain lines that serve as internal line separators. These can now be easily hidden with one click. 

Align text, content

There is no longer a need to have the entire e-store left or center aligned. You can now align individual elements as needed.  

Graphic elements page

We have added a new page with basic elements. On it, you can find all the elements that appear on the e-shop and you can check that you are following the rules for your design for all the elements on one page. 

Inner and outer spaces

For elements, you can set padding and margin values that create inner and outer spaces between the element and its surroundings.

Variants - display of variant code

When displaying a tabular view of product variants, a new column with the code of each variant has been added.

Notified in the cart when you complete your purchase

A new hidden "alert-cart" translation is created in the cart detail. If you fill it in and there is a product in the cart, an alert will appear. In the translation you can fill e.g. Don't wait long! The product in the cart is not reserved.

Text fields in graphics

Used to put different text fields in graphics without having to turn off Designer. You can find a list of them here.

Search - cross to turn off

When a search is opened, the magnifying glass changes to a cross to close it again.

Lightbox - switching off

Option to turn off the lightbox on the entire desktop. If there are arrows, switching off is not possible.

We record all subsequent changes made in the Designer for you in detail since the new version 4.0. You can find the current list of changes on the Changelog page.


Version 3.9

Older versions of Designer can no longer be edited

It is no longer possible to edit versions of Designer lower than 3.0. In this case, the module offers the option to update Designer to the latest templates or switch them to the Code Editor.

Hiding the customer's price list on the e-shop

In the Designer it is possible to hide the price list of the registered customer, which is displayed in the header on the e-shop website. This option is available from Designer version 3.9.

Note on shipping and mobile payments

The note for transport and payment is now immediately visible in the mobile view (previously displayed after clicking on the icon).

Version 3.8

Extending the capabilities of the Designer

Additional options for title font size, title font compression, border contrast, and section spacing.

New preset template - Boost design

We have added a new option in the menu of preset templates - Boost design. More info.

Option to hide the Add to Cart button in the product list

In the Designer graphics module, you can hide the Add to Cart button for all items in the product list.

Hide the article creation date

In the Designer module it is possible to hide the date of creation (creation) of articles.


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