What are the biggest trends in e-commerce in 2023?

The year 2022 belongs to history. Our calendars have been showing the year 2023 for several days. What will it actually be like? Of course, no one has an exact answer to this question. Our world is evolving and changing too quickly for us to be able to make accurate predictions. However, certain trends are typical for each year, which can be traced in advance. What can we expect in the world of e-commerce in 2023?

Uncertain economic situation

You probably haven't missed news about the current economic situation. As we said in the introduction, we don't have a crystal ball. In this way, we cannot say what the coming year will actually be from the point of view of customers' spending preferences. And uncertainty will be a very significant trend that we can expect in 2023. No one knows if this year will be a sign of economic recovery, or if we are in for more months of record inflation, high interest rates and a reduced appetite for spending. There is only one solution for now. Prepare several scenarios. Further economic developments will show which is closest to reality. Don't be overly optimistic or paint the devil on the wall. Above all, the Czech e-commerce market stands on solid foundations and people are used to online shopping. Many stay with him and others willingly return in better times.

Mobile commerce

You have probably already registered this trend. More and more orders are coming from mobile devices. It's logical. We are able to do much more from the screens of our phones or tablets than in the past. Responsiveness, or the ability of a website or e-shop to adapt to a mobile device, thus becomes an absolute necessity. Clients of the Upgates e-shop solution do not have to deal with the technical details of this trend in the slightest. Top responsiveness is an absolute matter of course for us.

You need to be prepared for customers viewing virtual shopping galleries from their mobile devices. Nowadays, the situation where more than half of the orders come from smartphones and tablets is definitely not an exception. Global data shows that the segment called mobile commerce or mCommerce still holds enormous potential. Globally, mobile devices are estimated to account for up to 70 percent of e-commerce transactions. Create your website at least as carefully for the narrow screens of mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will accompany our lives more and more often. So it would be naïve to think that machines, which will take over more and more of the tasks that were previously the responsibility of human brains, will not also affect online shopping. After all, we can already see the first results around us. Have you ever wondered how advertising systems can find potential customers for your products among millions of users? The answer is, at least in part, artificial intelligence. We will only encounter it more often in the world of online marketing. It is not only about advertising systems, but also, for example, emailing tools capable of sending personalized messages, helpers for effective pricing or software that helps you maintain optimal stock. See silicon brains as an opportunity to make your business more efficient.

Sustainability and re-commerce

Even in this case, it is a global trend. So it would be foolish to think that the emphasis on environmental aspects will escape online shopping. After all, shopping at a distance requires the functioning of a complex logistics network of several carriers. In addition, you have to pack the shipments in boxes and use fillers that are more or less disposable. Thanks to these factors, the e-commerce segment is not one of the most economical. More and more customers will be interested in sustainability. For example, try to recycle packaging materials or give customers the option of greener delivery. More and more of your customers will appreciate it.

E-shoppers should also add the term re-commerce to their vocabulary. This is nothing more than the sale of already used items. There is nothing new about the internet. We all know portals like bazos.cz or aukro.cz. However, re-commerce will increasingly penetrate the market in the form of separate e-shops. A nice example is the knihobot.cz project.


You may have come across this term in the world of e-commerce. But do you know what it actually means? It is a communication strategy that is based on the comprehensive transmission of the message. So it is mainly a suitable combination of different communication channels, which are connected by a single line. On the contrary, messages should not be fragmented. The first steps are simple. Review all the messages you convey to your customers. How from

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