The term web probably doesn't need to be introduced too much. This short word is a simplifying term for everything we do not go online.

What is a website?

At the outset, it is fair to say that the designation web is not completely, the full name is worldwideweb, abbreviated www. In simplicity, it is a system of viewing, storing and referencing documents that are located on the Internet. The father of worldwideweb is the British programmer Tim Berners-Lee, who created it during his time at CERN in Switzerland in the early 1990s. At the same time, he also designed the HTML markup language and the HTTP protocol, and in fact laid the foundation for the mass expansion of the Internet. WorldWideWeb was also the first Internet browser.

WorldWideWeb and the Internet

In a lay conversation, it is not a problem to encounter the confusion of the terms internet and web. But the reality is a little different. While the Internet refers to a global network of interconnected computers, worldwideweb is the application that works in this case.