Veronika Sedláková (Partnership Team Leader, Heureka): we are working to make Heureka suitable for every e-shop

We would probably look in vain for an e-shopper who does not know Heureku. The tool for comparing online store offers is clearly among the most used add-ons and very important sales channels for many online entrepreneurs. And that's why we decided to interview Partnership Team Leader Heureka Veronika Sedláková. Among other things, we talked about the fact that Heureka is no longer just a product comparator. It offers much more to e-shops and brands.

The Heureka Group does not need much introduction. Recently, however, it underwent rebranding and introduced 3 new sub-brands: Heureka Shops, Heureka Ads and Heureka Insights, can you tell us more about them?

Yes, Heureka is no longer a "small" local company. We are an international player Heureka Group, which reaches over 55 thousand e-shops in 9 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. And that's exactly what we wanted to adapt our visual and communication style to. One of the initial impulses for change was clear and understandable communication with our business partners. Our goal is to provide them with convenient access to all the information and tools they use on Heureka.

The brand Heureka Shops was created directly for e-shops >, which provides information on all beneficial services and tools.

For brands, their promotion and cooperation with Heureka, the Heureka Ads brand is intended .

Data reports and statistics can be clearly found under the Heureka Insights</ b>.

In short, with this step, we wanted to simplify the use of Heureka, because e-shops need different services and tools from us than brands that use, for example, other data reports. Thanks to this, it is now obvious at a glance which of our partners we are talking to and what we want to convey to them.

So Heureka is no longer just a product comparator, but helps e-shoppers in other areas as well?

Certainly. Heureka is not just the domain, but a whole group of comparators (Heureka Group) that helps customers find the best goods and partners develop their e-shops/brands, which is our main goal now. We connect e-shops with customers and brands in a way that makes sense for all three parties.

We create inspiring content for customers and want to be the first place that comes to mind when they think of online shopping. For e-shops and brands, we are constantly improving all options and tools so that using the full potential of Heureka is intuitive and beneficial for them. We help with setting up tools, reading reports and using all our services, with the aim of helping them reach as many customers as possible who come to Heureka.

Is Heureka suitable for every e-shop?

For the vast majority of e-shops, yes. In addition, we are currently working on making it suitable for all e-shops in the future, e.g. even those with used goods that cannot currently advertise on Heureka. At the same time, we want to be a relevant partner for all e-shops, regardless of size or the range offered, and always be able to guide and advise them correctly.

How does the entry process actually work, from the point of view of a novice e-shopper who wants to add his products to Heureka?

When registering a new e-shop on Heurek, the e-shop uploads an XML feed in which it provides us with all information about its products. We first check this XML feed, and if it's OK, the products can go through the so-called pairing process, which means they're paired to the product cards in our catalog. If, on the other hand, we find that the XML feed is not in order, we inform the e-shop about the errors that should be corrected. If products are not automatically paired to product cards, I recommend using our tool Simple Pairing, which is available to every e-shop free of charge and can be found in the e-shop administration on Heureka. Thanks to the matching of products to product cards, the customer can find out for each product which e-shop offers it, at what price, with which transport and even what the e-shop has been rated by customers.

Heureka Group today also operates in neighboring countries. So are you able to help e-shops with foreign expansion as well?

Yes. We can advise e-shops on which market is worth expanding to, based on our data within our countries. We will connect them with our foreign colleagues, or we will refer them to our certified partners who are involved in expansion abroad. At the same time, we are now working on a unified platform that will unite all our 9 countries (Czechia, Slovakia

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